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Pc version ? Of what ? But yeah if - whatever that thing is works with a pc - and it's your most economic way out. Sure. np.
Borrow a cam to do the conversion then and capture to dv ntsc or pal.Don't do the dvd thing - coz what'll happen is your video will be compressed to mpeg2. You will then have to use Mpeg StreamClip (free) to demux the video and audio streams back into a QuickTime dv file for editing.You may not be happy with the compression then reconversion. You're always best to start off with the least amount of compression or better still none and work in the native capture format -...
Goss v - that get's my vote ! oh shit - no poll !
Nothing quite like shoving something down someone's throat, is there ? Make it personal - use your boot !
Presume you must have an old Digi 8 camera or something of that ilk. You need one of these http://www.canopus.com/products/videoconversion.php a/d converter. Then fw into the Mac. DataVideo make one also, Formac used to (don't know if they still do - but they were a bit flaky) or rent a Sony DSR 11 deck for the day. do not be tempted by Pinnacle's Dazzle or any of those that are USB 2.0 - stick with the Canopus for use with a Mac. Or you may be able hook up a friend's cam...
Well, I've said it before so wtf I'll say it again. Never really saw the need for a mid/headless Mac. But now is really different - multicore beasts are fine for high end. The processor speeds are now at a point when many of us are looking for a media server solution that's bloody well expandable ! Sheesh, the latest iMacs are a gimme - but no expansion. Yes fw, but no expansion beyond that. Apple give us a couple of slots for express cards, pls. Sheesh, even one would ...
cheers, sunil. A nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse. Re-ARM #### - whassdafuckdatis ? One of your gameboy codez ? :-) On a personal note - shame about Bill. Coming across v v v defensive ... gurgle gurgle gurgle gurgle what's that sound ? $7 freak'n billion down the gurgler.
Top of the class ! You get it - take a bow.
i'm in NZ. Christ - I just checked NZ$ pricing for Vista. It's a fucking joke ! Retail is NZ$1000 for Ultimate - fucking arse, no-one's going to pay that ! $649 for Ultimate upgrade ! whoooboy - the torrent sites are going to be busy ! lmao ....
Zune looks like it's zwned. Jeez, imagine if the uptake of new computers isn't as good as they anticipate ? Time will tell for Vista in it's many guises. M$ need HP and Dell and to keep selling laptops like never before just to look like they're doing the business. Follow that stock - could turn volatile in a month or so.
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