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Hey Messiah - bit of an ask here ... can you post what your 4 way Stripe reads n writes ? Interested ... But yeah - it's a crash and burn scenario. That said I've been running a two way with manual back up for the last year on a quad 2.66. Regular drive maintenance has helped - zero the thing and reformat. cheers
Hell man, if I can configure them - anyone can ! I've been using two at home here for around 3 years. Both extending the network. One also does Airtunes and the other for printing. Both my wife and I use the network and then the kids get on as well ... if they can't break it then i say it's good. The only thing that chokes a little (and not very often, maybe once every 3 weeks) is the printer, but I suspect it's usb flakiness ... the network connection remains, just the...
I'm going to suggest you head over to Apple's own forums http://discussions.apple.com/categor...categoryID=140 There's a couple of posters across there that are very good. IMNSHO - the Airport Express is NOT utter garbage. I think it's a configuration issue in your case. Channel 11 works for me.
Now that's vff Where do I sign up ?Do I send an email to the Squirter or Billy ?re-edit: Unbeleivable, seek and ye shall findhttp://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/news/index.cfm?newsid=11892+1 lol
Sorry to butt in again Mel, but if it's anything like the X1900, just the back plate will be different. Apple even displayed their version of the x1900 upgrade kit to look a little different than a pc ATI's - don't ask me to remember the detail. It was a year ago - IIRC it was only the back plate in that case that looked different ... and I'll nearly bet the farm that the Apple supplied kits have tv out there - just that the on board cables are terminated on the card, no...
Yeah - that's great Roy, but the other guys ARE ordering the 8800. sooo ... the delay would appear to be with supply of the 8800 not with anything else. Just saying.
PITA post here, sorry 'bout that ... what apps are you running ? If you're just going to be "running around" with simple stuff its likely you'll see next to no benefit from where you are right now. But if you're running apps that can actually use gobs of ram then max the sucka ... can never have too much ram, that's what momma always said.
Required reading for MP cpu upgrades http://www.anandtech.com/mac/showdoc.aspx?i=2832&p=3 Think I'd order the octo myself - if I was thinking about some kind of brew it yourself machine I'd go the hackintosh route. But that's just me.
Amen - and welcome to AI Bstr - hey, just out of interest how does the X1900XT stack up against the 8800 gtx's ? I haven't seen any comparisons around yet. Was waiting until Barefeats had some tests up. That's if you know of course - heh.
I'd like to throw in an example to back what FPN is saying. I'm one of the many that chose not to pay Apple Tax on the x1900xt upgrade kit - I bought a pc Radeon X1900xt and flashed it over to Mac using a procedure that is well documented on the net. The only thing that doesn't work on the card is the tv out socket because Apple drivers were never written to support that function. I have since upgraded the firmware with Apple's own firmware update for x1900xt available...
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