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Apple is doomed. Bottom of the heap. $10 share price drop.   /s
They are 30 sec spots. Only so much you can do. I like the fast paced music and focus words. Ive watched both about 20 times now - hey, I make ads, therefore like to analyse them somewhat, while still trying to remain objective.   I think they succeed. Watch the copycat ads from competitors soon - as they try to blur the line between brands in consumers minds.   They've probably got another 3-4 versions in the can already. Classic bait and switch if the...
I sympathasise with your situation. Your issue is with eHarmony though, not with Apple.   I dunno, have they got forums ?
ahh - thanks for that gem. I was at a loss why my wife's 3GS wasn't getting 3G signal at home, only GPRS, that explains it. cheers
Close, mate. The only fool is the person who refuses to back themself and relies on others. Therein lies the learning curve. imo, and I been foolish in years past. Hindsight reveals all.
ahh - k. Then I think Migration Assistant has brought over all your old settings and permissions from the other installation. As a quick check, can you make a new user account, give yourself full privileges and log in. What does the About this Mac say ?   There is a good read here that may well sort you out, kinda long but deals with all kinds of issues others have had.   http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1404860   another...
Sorry Ireland - from the title of your post you appear to be trying to create a bootable USB disk with a copy of ML on it, yes ? Or are you having some other issue - again sorry, just trying to clarify.
Your drive needs to formatted to MacOs extended with a GUID partition.
Guessing - 1) Partitioned GUID ? 2) Ignore ownership on this volume selected ?   (edit: sorry I meant DEselected)
Fair enough TS. I thought it would have been appropriate :)
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