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Briliant Apple ! icloud on SL what about my 64 bit efi driver for my MP 1,1 that I bought way back in the day coz you sold it to me as a 64 bit machine ?/snake tag Not going to happen I KNOW. jus say'n
Here in NZ Sky Go is called iSky - not bad. The only hiccup with it here is that it's all flash encoded -> no iPad, no iPhone, bummer. I believe Sky Go supports both - so good job Sky and boo on Sky nz's implementation. I use a Mac mini as an htpc connected wifi. Sometimes some buffering but nothing you can't live with. Quality is superior to other internet streams particularly noticeable with sport channels.
lucky gf ! Buy the best you can afford. If just Internet - why not iPad ?
Start Page, huh ? Gonna give it a go. cheers edit: lol have to enable java.
tftfyA doctor might take issue with your prognosis. :-)
lol - No, that's an unfortunate interpretation. And long way from what I had in mind :-)
TS, Yea - you're right. They probably would. That was what I so ineloquently meant. A legal authority needs to spell it out loud and clear to those cowboys - who really are running roughshod over people's privacy and making huge money from doing so. In any other situation they'd have been hung out to dry a long time ago. The thing that gets me about it is - that advertisers actually believe all the web stats, and keep on paying the big G. Unreal.
Someone needs to whack them, good hard and fast.
I think some of the mock ups posted look good and pretty much all have their merits. Personally, I go with the wiz's rack concept. I think that offers the best way forward. Apple could accomodate all users and third party hardware with that. Modular in a strong chassis that could be added to. Base model that can expand as you need, with a couple of higher end options. Even if they didn't go full width but went half that could still look great. It would also clearly...
Post of the Year !lmao
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