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Nice compilation of existing rumours - with one DIRTY BiG OMISSION, no MAC PRO ! Hope Tim proves him wrong - sooner rather than later. I go along with the rest of it tho'
This new feature, like so many things, smacks of "just because you can doesn't mean you should". These guys seem to be playing around introducing stuff - seeing how the market responds and then making a decision on continued support. I don't know about the benefits of FB - don't have an account - never used it. Don't have time for it. Photos I have liked - lol, jeez fer chrissakes. That just reeks of lamo
This may help you in your quest http://www.macosxtips.co.uk/index_files/batch-rename-multiple-files.php Take some time to read the comments below the article - classic lol
lol island hermit +1
I understand your pain lol Good luck with the restore. A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing without enough experience when it comes to kids these days.. oh - I'll just throw this (any app/any os) on. If I don't like it I'll take it off. whoops I dunno dad, it just said I can update ! Did I do something wrong ? Little punks ! God knows where he found the .dmg - but they are out there in the wilds. http://support.apple.com/kb/PH4439
I'm with you Marvin - it'd be great if the devs would build in a save data function. There is a whole host of utilities out there tho' - some free some not. OP could search for iPhone/ipad explorer. Or learn to ssh into the device - I've forgotten all the rigmarole for ssh but no doubt it's out there in the wild. And then you need to learn the file structure of iOS ...... I still use an old copy of iPhone explorer on my PB 17 when I want to manually save stuff or hook off...
You don't say which white MacBook it is, so check here - http://www.apple.com/osx/specs/ You may have to check from System Profiler which one it is. MacBook 5,1 or later can run it - those prior cannot.
Yup - he has. I am suggesting op overwrites his Library. Needless I know - some may even suggest "inelegant" when all that's missing is the album art. But it may be the fastest way to consolidate everything. :-)
You could just Cmmnd A and drag everything from your old directory and drop it into the new music folder by holding the option key to copy all contents. Might be easier.
fwiw - I never use file sharing but rather use the network connection available from the Finder. Command -K >choose Browse>choose the computer you want to connect to>enter name and password. Don't connect as a guest but rather as admin using the appropriate user and password for the machine. U R In. Try that. The only reasons I can think of why you can't connect using share is that afp (apple file sharing protocol) hasn't for some reason started up. You may also need to...
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