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http://store.apple.com/1-800-MY-APPL...ly/macbook_pro sheesh - you can either double or quadruple the spec on the gpu over your current gpu. Doesn't look the same from where I sit ...
You'll likely have to wait 'til barefeats or anandtech get their claws on the new models to see some realworld tests. Shouldn't be long.
"As far as sales and marketing go, they do not care how much people complain - in fact, if people don't complain, the price is probably too low." There's no problem with people complaining 'round these here parts ! They've got it down to a tee ... :-)
Well, I have an old G4 1.67 pb (on it right now) and it's still chugging along just like new - so as for the needs of you new fangled kids it's really beyond my ability to guess .... But if you want to be sure - head on in to an Apple Store or var they're bound to have an tv rigged up to a hd panel. Ask them to hook the MBP to the panel and knock yourself out testing. I'd say you'll be fine. (The only caveat is - that I'd have any media on an external drive hooked up to...
np Hi res option is for 1080p display. It's the sort of thing that if Apple DOESN'T offer they'll be blasted everyway to Sunday and back by users of this board - among many others. Great for video road warriors to show clients a full res ad or presentation thingy ... Personally, if I was in the market - I'd spring for the upgrade. The Apple tax ain't too bad.
"but can the 15" output at 720p?" Yup. Has done that since the G4 days.
Not a dicky bird since Nab 07.I signed up immediately for their news update - but I really suspect that it was a market test to gauge response.Yeah Qmaster's there.Some can get it work - many can't.I suggest you head over to the QMaster forms at Apple.Tons of reading - tales of woe, then delight and grief.Respectfully suggest for what you want to do is head over to http://www.tiger-technology.com/Here for a damn good...
eeewww, hard ones first, huh ? Well, I'm going to answer your question with a question. What do you want to do with the discs ? Use for Archive, or for network access as in storage, or for media access. Do you want to Raid them ? (see, you knew there'd be more than one, didn't you ?) - there's just so many different boxes now that are more suited for one thing or another. Some of these add layers of complexity dependant on your needs. Which you don't say - but rest...
Slightly OT here but I've always been fascinated with the Lemur - never used one. Anyone else ? http://www.jazzmutant.com/lemur_overview.php
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