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Hi - I used to get this using my old 17" PB G4. Best way to set it up is - use Sys Prefs/Displays/Arrange tab to make the LG your main display device. Just drag the menu bar across to the LG. Quit Sys Prefs. Reboot with both displays active. Close your Macbook to sleep the computer. Give it 20 secs or so - now hit any key. It should wake up with the LG as the main display. It'll stay stable in this config until you unplug the LG to take the MacBook somewhere ... cheers
I'm with you Teamswitcher - those 16x9 laptops just look weird. I hope they don't change but well, I fear the worst .... heck if Apple need to differentiate themselves from the other guys then keep the 16x10 dammit !!!!
lol "i am what I yam".
Hey M - head over to barefeats.com. Heaps of comparisons there.
Well - I reckon it's about time for a RTFM, seriously.Sounds like you haven't configured iTunes at all ... and it's running amok when syncinge.g Create a play list; drag your music and video to the list (set your iTunes to “manually manage music and video”), connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable, then click iTunes “File -> Sync iPhone”, Done. Or you can drag the files straight on to the iPhone icon in the sidebar.Read pgs 59 and 60 of ye olde manuale.
Head over to canopus.com - their converters have always played better with Macs. Just my 0.02c ...
I'm using iBaRes http://groups.google.com/group/ibare...res---homepage I haven't had to do a restore or anything from it but others report it works.
While the UVD from Toast may be able to recognise the .mts is a valid stream it may not know how to handle it properly. It might be the audio or it might be gop or variable data rate - or something else that is causing issues - wild guesses here, I really don't know. Like Marvin has suggested try the latest build of VLC - or accept that AVCHD may be better converted to another format for archival. I understand that you may not want to do that b/c of storage. You could...
Hey sorry - I just checked around for you AND it appears that there is still no way to view native AVCHD (.mts) on a Mac. I do apologise ... I assumed that there would have been support for the codec by now - but it appears not yet without conversion. So there's your answer - no support for the codec. I suggest you keep your eye on VLC player developments or Mpeg Streamclip - those two devs quite often provide support for the consumer formats quicker than the...
ya know, I remember when this sort of question used to be common when dealng with rumpty ol dv on the current fast Macs back then - dude try it. . Lotsa I/o playing from your boot.
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