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Reading here http://www.barefeats.com/hard130.html - overkill for what you're looking for - maybe. But some of the issues you ask about are addressed in the article. As far as Time machine is concerned why not a simple mirror/raid 1 solution. You have the capacity. Do away with TM altogether - but that's just me. cheers r
Go for the Refurb and spend the extra on latest graphics card and/or AJA/Blackmagic card if you need them. Spend rest on fast hard drives. Striped and then mirrored for back up. Heck, even go SSD but I'd wait til they come down in price and up in size. So many options these days - really depends on your needs and what your output is as to hardware recommendations. What represents bang for the buck for me may not equate for you. Head over to...
Don't know if you've seen this - abit old now but still relevant - http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/ Might give you a better insight. Wheels within wheels ...
I don't like slagging Apple because they're pretty good (most of the time) with their updates BUUT Airport firmware is like russian roulette, just a joke. You can downgrade back to a previous fw by Opening airport utility, click on manual set up, click on version, then select which one you want. fwiw I'm running 7.3.2 on my Airport Expresses after 7.4.2 borked everything. sheesh I wish Apple would get Airport updates right - it's an embarrassment.
Are you updating using a wifi connection ? That can be problematic on occasion for any computer. It's always best to be hard wired but heck I update using wifi all the time. That said, I have had the odd update fail.
Yes - the proper input socket is the key to getting it working. Have a quick RTFM for the tv. Manufacturers do provide connectivity but it's not the same on all tv's. On my Panny 37" it's on the av2 inputs. Others I've setup have been on one of the various inputs - why the manufacturers chop and change, who knows ? It's model specific. Check your manual. cheers
"Ten months is the longest it has taken Apple to update the MBP in their company history." ahh, yes true of MBP's but who here remembers the fabled G4 PB update ? lol How many pages - was it 60 or something of agonised, torturous, bemoaned wailing ? About 2 years worth of agony - roflmao Apple's relatively speedy at updating these days ... anyhow I'm in the buy now only if you really, really need it camp. If you can wait - then wait. Either way you can't be...
Hi - I used to get this using my old 17" PB G4. Best way to set it up is - use Sys Prefs/Displays/Arrange tab to make the LG your main display device. Just drag the menu bar across to the LG. Quit Sys Prefs. Reboot with both displays active. Close your Macbook to sleep the computer. Give it 20 secs or so - now hit any key. It should wake up with the LG as the main display. It'll stay stable in this config until you unplug the LG to take the MacBook somewhere ... cheers
I'm with you Teamswitcher - those 16x9 laptops just look weird. I hope they don't change but well, I fear the worst .... heck if Apple need to differentiate themselves from the other guys then keep the 16x10 dammit !!!!
lol "i am what I yam".
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