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Hey - nice first post ! Not at all like some other recent first timers lately. lol
Yep - you're prolly right. Heck, here in NZ It will likely be longer for full functionality.Given how Google Maps are an always ongoing work in progress anyway - Apples implementation couldn't really be much different in so far as a timeframe is concerned. I'm really surprised that they've taken that beast on by the horns !It'll take time for sure, but that's no reason not to upgrade as suggested by troll 900576. lol
Well I bet you're wrong.Apple are really good at addressing issues quickly.6.01 will likely have it fixed. And it seems to be a problem for some not all.
shidell 2012/09/12 01:42pm Where's the wow factor? This is pretty tired. Everything Samsung's "incorporating" has been in an idevice for almost 5 years now, in some cases longer. tftfy :-)
What's powering the front end - magento ? Or, or ... Curiously interested. TIA fwiw - I like it as well. Could alter font in menu bar - comes across as too chunky on idevices. A little hard to read. Nice tho' - congrats !
qft - they're more likely to salute Stephen Hawking who in the context of this thread is eerily human and part machine. Perhaps that should read - human and eerily part machine.I admire him immensely for his humanity and his ability to simplify concepts that are able to be understood - well, by the likes of me !Give him 30 secs of deeper detail though and I'm struggling. lolot - I know but hey why not.. Arthur C Clarke wrote something similar in terms of human evolution, I...
I hope some of the heads of APPL are reminded of his foresight from time to time, just so they stay somewhat on track to his goals. Yes to make money and be a profitable company but also delivering great products that people value.
well this going to sound like heresy round here given current trials and tribulations - Samsung, there I said it..Really they are making some great laser printers that are a snap to configure on a network. Fast, duplexing is a breeze and even work with idevices using the Samsung mobile print app, free dl. Even the cost of their consumables is cheaper than many of the established brands. fwiw - I wouldn't go back to ink unless I needed wide format for some reason. The ease...
I just went and ordered one one through Apple Store here in NZ. Added your upgraded ram and SSD. Added to cart Still says "shipping 5-7 days."   So, in answer to your question - it would appear not. cheers
think you'll likely want to put your bridged router in line directly after the modem. Then have everything else hang off that. cheers fwiw -I have a similar rig but use a simple Ethernet switch to handle the hard wired connxns
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