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Try booting from your Sl intal DVD - open Disc Utility and choose your hard drive. That's the top level above your disc name. Then choose repair disc. Try that first.
I'd take it back - if it's annoying you now it'll really bug you in a week or two ... Any display can have the dead/stuck pixel issue develop although Apple displays are generally pretty good.
You are of course, right Marvin and all that you describe is somewhere down the track in the future, and likely not all that far away. For now and in the next few years tho' we still work with stuff like AJA and BlackMagic cards and ProTools cards. Those guys working with Red cams have the option of installing Red Rocket - the point being is you customize it. You simply can't do it with any other machine - except for the MBP's with I/O adapters....
roflmao - that is the Open Source way of course :-)
lol - bothaus Exactly. However, screw Billy and Squirter. Linux and whatever distro takes your fancy would be the way I'd go. cheers
There's been 3 posts here in the last few days all MBP's exhibiting the same sort of issue. I wonder if it's a bad batch of drives or SSD's or something ... stabbing in the dark I know but still ... I posted a long list of things to try here http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=119889 Maybe one will work for you Also it would really help if the posters gave us a few more details - :-) You know, specs etc :-)
ahh - well, bummer. You need to either now go the firewire boot method- or try Disk Warrior - or try ProSoft http://www.prosofteng.com/products/data_rescue.php Have you tried running the Mac Hardware test dvd ? Hold "d" down at boot. See if it can pick something up. fwiw - I have used Disk Warrior for years for these emergency situations. I have never used ProSoft yet but I have heard that it's very good and saved otherwise hopeless situations.
Downgrade your firmware to 7.3.2 - really. I'm running 2 N expresses on that with an older G express in a network. Very stable - when i upgraded to 7.4.2 it all turned to crapola.
Fooling around in the System folder with invisible files showing !! Gotta be careful in there - heh, but you know that now, I guess. Try zapping the pram - hold Command, option, P +R keys at boot. Hold them down til you hear three bongs/chimes. Try resetting the SMC - go here to find out the correct way for your machine http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3964 I'd grab a copy of disk warrior http://www.alsoft.com/diskwarrior/index.html and try and boot from that - It should...
On one of the machines that does work go to Mail> prefs>accounts and take note of the a/c port settings for pop.3 or whatever you're using - make sure you know your password etc. You may have to reenter all that on the iMac.Likely the port setting is wonked - I've had that happen before.cheers
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