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Hmm - from this review http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servl...echnology/home "But Aero is gorgeous, at least to veteran Windows users. Mac users will be annoyed, and rightly so, because many of Aero's features have long been a part of Mac OS X, and they will once again say that Microsoft is simply copying Apple. And Linux fans will scoff too, mainly because it's part of the Linux culture to disdain any form of eye candy; a lot of Penguinistas still haven't forgiven Novell...
lol - yeah, it blows chunks ! oh well, at the end of the day it'll only be a few dollars I could have saved. I think they'll likely offer the octo at the top end with the others moving down the rank. A 2.66 for me and 5 gig of Ram, tomorrow. wheee ... it'll be great. I skipped the whole G5 thing so I'm looking forward to it.
Well, I've been awaiting and I have to buy. I'm running out of time and can't delay any further. Tomorrow is crunch day. If there's no announcement made tomorrow then I'm ordering - have to. So I reckon a Wednesday update is a given.
The simpler the better.And a LOCATOR (a beep would do), shit - my kids are always loosing the freak'n things. Or robbing the batteries to go in Roboraptor or some other roaring mobile torture device.I could quite happily throttle them sometimes.
Absolutely - I agree.It's total bs - oh wait here comes BR and Hd dvd and ps3 .... more remotes.I'll likely opt to go for a Mac mini disc based approach IF they ever get a unified player. Store everything on externals. Have to use a Miglia or Elgato for analogue, tho' ... bummer, YARâ„¢ (yet another remote). sheesh.
lol - I can sympathise.
Silver and black ? bleh Sounds like you need to get some beige in there !
Shoot - there's soooo much spin out there, it's not funny. Sony boiz trumpeting - the other mob chest beating. Check out the film/broadcast camera wars going on at the mom, if you've got time. There is a whole other battle - acquisition capture formats. I feel Sony maybe about to fall on it's own sword at the end of all this, capture and delivery. $0.02c
Can you guys agree to dislike each other or something - please ? Have a flame war - get it over and done with, whatever. I like reading posts from both of you - this bickering, however does nothing.
Grill them on the MacPro, pls lundy ! NDA - be damned ! Do your duty for the community and report err, speculatively ...
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