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aka - "putting the boot in" to your opposition when you can.It should definately stimulate demand for the players.That's a huge drop, tho' ... interesting.Wonder if there will be a response from the other guys.hmmm ... maybe I'll have to revise my "unwanted tech" call.Still don't go for all the DRM stuff - don't beleive the market wants it or that it's necessary.
It's a fair enough question, too ! I'd buy one tomorrow. I do expect to have to wait a while before they release the "Extreme lite"™ Gotta milk the first cow in line.
I'm with you, JC !They can take their shiny product offerings straight to the bin of unwanted tech ... (imo only, of course :P)I'm absolutely sure that this has been mentioned before BUT I'll say it again - put all the frick'n formats on 1 disc so that any machine will play it. DVD version, BD, HD DVD versions > everyone wins.
Seeing as you're going to wait for 10.5 - then wait ! Who knows what will be on offer. On a personal note - I'm pleased you have held off for your own reasons. And yeah, communication ? uhh, well, like you know ... it'll work out for you in the end :-)
Great - you CAN wait. The only thing to be aware of (and it's a biggie) when you're working in the pro arena, is sometimes you do have to wait for third parties to catch up ... it CAN cost money when you're out on the bleeding edge. (Not meant to be a negative - but it's ALWAYS a consideration.)
It's a gimme - if it doesn't happen before. This from someone who HAD to buy - my Mac Pro is a week old now. If you can hang out, wait. I tried to wait as long as I could but I'm loving what I have right now .... Don't care ... it's damn near paid for itself in the first week. YeeeHaaarrr ....
LOL - practise wearing an eye patch for the next 18 months.Or have one eye stitched closed ....Start shouting - Go Crusaders !Randomly, in a grunting, husky fashion.Change your wardrobe to red and black items only.You'll thank me later ....
Let yet another xMac discussion begin ! C'mon Apple - it's way past time for a configurable mid-range machine.
Only a snip - if it's true.Who knows for sure at this early stage.The number of cores should have nothing to do with it - you're right !And that certainly does beg the question - IF that's the high end BTO what will be the standard card shipping in the OctoBeasts ?
heh - yeah.And what was the last pro app to fiiinaaallly get ported to OS X ?Anyone remember ?Hell, even Quark was quicker !
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