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I know the King has been banned but Im going to post anyway ... Can a mod with superpowers alter his/her handle to "Daves Mom" ?
As a kiwi with a close relative who is a long time police officer - this comes as somewhat of a shock. Really - entrenched in Windows they were. An enlightened soul somewhere there. Go Apple.
lmao Hey Dave - you got buuurrrnnned http://www.siliconvalley.com/news/ci_22582984/7-billion-hedge-fund-drops-apple-shares-facebook   Out foxed 
So what ? You want some token appointments ?
I've never heard that Oppenheimer doesn't communicate with Cook about discussions with investors. That seems hardly credible even it does come from you. What proof do you have to be making such spurious allegations ?   Im quite prepared to believe that he ignores *splutter* err, hedge fund superstars, probably with good reason.  He also probably ignores the likes of money grubbing Einhorn.
Yes of course. I don't think for one minute that the object recognition could approach the sophistication of airport scanners. But in principle general shapes are not hard to match.   Whatever, I think it's an ill-founded idea and a complete invasion of privacy.
Object recognition is here already and sophisticated too - all international airports use it. Quite a few domestic ones as well.
The whole camera/privacy thing just reeks of google. Thumbs down to Intel.   edit: Including targeting of ads - genius. People are gonna snap these up alright. NOT
I agree - but they're going to to eat them up irrespective of the lack of a correct term.
Nice call - get both Tim ! (More weighting on 2, imnsho)
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