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lol She's prolly using an A5 template and printing to A4 - just guessing ... but you could check easy enough by getting her to Print and choosing the pdf option which will preview the doc at the chosen paper size. Don't ask ME how to change the paper size in Word tho' - wouldn't have a clue. It'll be somewhere completely obvious but infuriatingly hidden like most M$ apps.
Life on the bleeding edge sucks ... :-)
I'm waiting - happy sitting on 1.1.4 Then again, I have a Gen 1 jailbroken and unlocked :-) Hard to know for you tho' ... if I was having issues with 2.0 I'd update. Still a few bugs with 2.01 - most seem to happy tho'.
Head over to http://www.barefeats.com/ Tons of reviews of the latest and greatest Raid offerings. For what you're proposing to do however I think you may find your self in the position of opting for an external box of some manufacturers flavour with eSata connections.
"And at the end, Balmer steps up to the podium and yell "I LOVE THIS COMPANY". ROFLMAO Too funnee ... Anyone else but him ... I mean, you know - he's well, just such a dork.
Details dude - what pwnage ? Did you backup ? If you used the right one you COULD be jailbroken AND unlocked running 1.1.4 me - jailbroken and unlocked on 1.1.4 via http://www.ziphone.org/ AND in NO hurry to go to 2x The whole idea of a Jailbroken and unlocked iPhone IS that you can run unauthorised apps, not to mention have a choice of carriers .... Unauthorised ? - well. not officially sanctioned by Apple. Do they work - yup. Cydia ? - sounds viral. It's an installer...
I have been sooo tempted to get either or both but neither of them satisfies MY ideal of having 1 remote to control multiple sources = yet another fcuking remote for the kids to lose ... seriously.It's all about convergence from multiple sources into one delivery mechanism. If anyone can crack this Apple can ... just not there yet.
Absolutely true - this is what happened. In fact I'll even say that it was true of the motion graphics sector prior to the Intel change - so as recently as 3 years ago. And in many ways it's still true with most of the developers of real time broadcast titling and playback still only developing for pc.A dedicated Winbox wiped a Mac's butt up down and sideways back then. I said dedicated ... like I posted earlier a box for 1 job only running only what was necessary to do...
Yes, express card - for a notebook internal they call it an "internal mini pcie card". Back in the olden daze we used to say pcmcia card and everyone knew it was for a bus card ... :-) Shoot, I should have picked up on that when i saw the pic on the auction, there you go - somewhat embarrassed here, sorry for any confusion ... Can't comment on the data card other than to say - if you need a data plan then you you need it. But yeah, one of those for on the go and a N...
heh, confusion reigns ... I skimmed the auction blurb, sorry 'bout that. Yep - an external card is the way I'd go. But hey if you want open up your MBP - ok, go for it. And yes that card should work fine if you're going to go the internal way. I thought you were asking for a quick plugin fix - which is why I posted the external choices on offer. Either way - you should be fine.
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