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Nah - I'm in NZ. On ye olde vowdafone - they prefer to charge exorbitant monthly fees rather than to monetize through the use of third parties.
Big difference, tho. Wouldn't you say Crusty ?My cell carrier isn't in the business of selling ads ....
The article GG linked to is probably a pretty good guide. There are some things missing .... whether they're important to you, only you can decide.I have upgraded my iP4 and my iPad2 to iOS7. I use the iPad tethered to the phone when out and about. No problems at all.My point being that if you are more of a phone, text, email and occasional browser user on a phone then you wont notice any difference. iOS7 runs fine on an iP4. I personally think iOS7 looks better on a...
Great. Lotsa stuff under the hood. No company implements new tech better than Apple. Watched Americas cup this am on an iPad 2 - no lags, nothing different than before the upgrade other than everything appears faster Have to say I'm getting more comfortable with the iOS7 now. Still think it needs some tweaks here and there - white keyboard on light grey is fine at night but needs more a darker shade in daylight. Overall pretty good.
The well connected analyst with a history of being more right than wrong (51- 49 %, best guess just like him) will not comment until Apple releases early data points.
Great first post.! I think you've pretty much described his current appointment accurately, from what we outsiders can glean. Yea - I can only agree he would have had an enormous amount of input into what we are seeing from Apple now. An unsung hero for sure and there are plenty more of them that we haven't heard about at 1 Infinite Loop.
Hoo boy - we got some doozies out to play in this thread. But yea - the GUI - uhhh - still getting used to it. Needs more contrast here and there imo
If you can prove to local businesses that your organisation is legit and its principles are well founded you might find that one or more of them are willing to help you. It would be a donation for them and therefore tax deductible. Just an idea.
Go to the Apple and click on About this Mac. Then click on More Info. Have a look in the left side of the pane for Network. Then look for ethernet and or wireless. See if any info is displayed in the right panes. You may have to click on different headings for the devices to report. You're trying to find out if your card/s are working.
Bought a Panny 32" today and while running through the menus I saw that option there on the System menu. Haven't read the manual yet but I would think that there would be a remote key combo you could press as a shortcut. Might want to check that out. There's also a software update which I had to run as well. cheers, r
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