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Nah - that has to be BS.Can't see it - not Apples style and do they need to ?Nah, BS.
As Flaneur has pointed out - this is not about 3D movies but control surfaces and how we might interact with them. I include this link http://appleinsider.com/articles/13/08/20/apple-patents-3d-gesture-ui-for-ios-based-on-proximity-sensor-input
Right on the money.It's the reason why Goog exists and why their service is backasswards.
LMAOMein Gott. Don't need no stink'n bulging iconsMit der Dummheit selbst die Götter ratlos sind
That's not a bad idea, quinney.Apple watch service contract and upgrades for a specified time.Hard to plan for though given the rapid advance of tech. Planning a retro fit for new hardware would be cumbersome technically and practically, but hey, maybe.If anybody could do it it would be Apple.
Yea - I think you may have missed the sarcasm there, Paul.Mac didn't tag it, but ... it's apparent.
Now that's disturbing !I curse you for that thought. shudder
"Copresence" - the name is just creepy. Orwellian.
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