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Breaking : "Apple can't afford its capital expenditure programs." Doomed. /s
That was exactly what I said to the guy - until he pulled the box out of his bag.Packaging labelling all looked legit - shrugI'll prolly go down this arvo to see if he had any luck charging it up and if it powered on.
lol - maybe. It didn't power on so I couldn't see what flavour of Android it was running. heh It looked absolutely genuine - no white box. Samsung labelling.
Yea - I wonder why the U.S. Government has kept this draconian policy in place and for so long. Makes little sense and should have been redressed years ago. The mention of a new tax policy concerning IP is interesting - would like to know what they're planning there.
Lmao - I just came back from my local pub. A guy who is tech challenged (clueless) came in with a Galaxy s6 brand new in the box. A mate of his had imported 10 of them off some website - cost $200 kiwi jeez - clear that inventory Sammy !
Exactly - same with computers. They'd rather sell a WinBox than a Mac b/c of commissions.I've witnessed this many, many times. People come in asking for an iMac or iPad and get steered away by the salesperson.It's really hard to bite the tongue when you see it happening.
They sure are !Goog has made a big inroad in the education market - backed by Goog classroom https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_ClassroomClassrooms not bad - could be way better but it has provided Goog with a viable way to gain traction.The M$ techs servicing the schools networks push them here in NZ along with Classroom.Price $330 - $730 NZD compared to $749 for an iPad Air 2
ohh - that's low. Well below the belt.
More from the interview with spin http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/70321018/android-praised-by-former-google-exec-hugo-barra Android is - well it's just wonderful. /s
I think the Apple watch will sell here very well - hell I don't know where the claim comes from that Apple products are scorned here, that's just bs. I put that down to a rainy day or maybe some other form of bias. The fashion claim well is tongue in cheek - jeez hang out in Cuba street and it's close, sorta - and that's just the girls. Although in that neck of the woods they're more likely to be wearing Doc Martens than jandals Me - boardies and t shirt -...
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