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okay - and Jimmy and Dre are busy - doing what ? ohh, that's right. Theyve got a heap of cash to spend .... /s
I'd never have thought of that !You, sir, are a geek.
I don't know how you can say that.Woz, imnsho - was extremely focused back at that time.Not in a commercial sense but in a scientific, engineering sense, definitely. Discovering how to make things work more efficiently.At the time - genius.Anywhoo - how Rogen will portray that side of Woz is anybody's guess.That will be down to the script.I suspect both Jobs' and Woz's characters to be glorified given Apples rise as a company.
"More of a painting than a photograph" lol Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. OT : I saw The Guilt Trip on a flight with Rogen and Streisand in it. I ended up enjoying the movie largely due to the interplay between the two. (Hey, there was very little else in it.) I thought he did very well alongside Streisand. Good actor.
oh for sure that's going to happen. At 5k the film crowd are going to be all over these ! The testing is prolly underway right now in fact. I'd say we'll start to see some results within the next week.
A good monitor with its own controls is always a great place to start, totally agree.But not to drift too far OT - these new displays appear to be a lot more flexible. Purely subjective on my part of course.If you haven't had a geek around with one I suggest you or anyone wanders into a store. They really are stunning and very responsive.I'd love to have a go with Da Vinci/Resolve on one of these, unfortunately I was in a shop and had to make do with Pages and Display...
Yea - all I'm saying is that given the impossibilities that are there from the technical side, that we as users can get close to accurate colour. 15 years ago it really was a pig in a poke, a lucky dip with the crts These days we can get damn close. Display prefs calibration interface hasn't changed in what heck jeez it's prolly been the same for 15 years as well. I think I rember the same back on old Mac OS 9, maybe even 8 - (Alzheimer's here)
Yep - that's why we always monitor output with a broadcast monitor for video. It's why PS has had a CMYK preview for years for soft proofing. It's why fcp and other video editors have over on whites, chroma and under on blacks. It's why there's a host of software scopes monitoring output. If you can get your computer monitor close to the output of your workspace it makes life easier. Display prefs offers options to save different profiles. Which we can use for different...
Yeah - I know a lot of it is subjective and it gets messy as hell without getting super specific. I'm not suggesting LUts or anything that sophisticated - although that would be fantastic.I'm not sure of the specs on this panel ( should dig around) but it would appear to me that it is very responsive to adjustments.When I grade for video or for press or whatever the first thing you want to have control of is your gamma. I was suggesting that the whole colour prefs needs a...
One of the other things I fooled around with was in Display prefs>Colour Tuning this display using expert mode, ahem, was giving my eyes a better result than in the past. Default gamma of 2.2 - but really a nice picture. Hit 1.8 and it blows out. I wish they'd reverse that and put the gamma and white point at the beginning of the tune process. I would like Apple to beef that old girl up (Display Colour) - the flexibility in this display almost demands it - wait no, it's...
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