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Heh - yea you have to love how they mark some of these things. Black on black, so you can't read them without a torch held just at the right angle.
Haven't struck one of these yet, but thanks ! Who'd a thunk ? Does the cable have some sort of indicator on the plugs - like "S" or "TV" to give you a clue ?
I recently installed a new Time capsule ac wifi and have extended the network with 2 n airport expresses ( the old plugin models). I also received a new MacBook Air, with ac wifi - friggin great, seriously way faster. Ok, I'll get to the point - I still experience dropouts of wifi, not bad but enough to piss me off and always on mobile devices. I have updated the firmware in the expresses and will leave it a day or so before posting back.
A Hail Mary - gone worng !
As soon as ATV has ac wifi I'll grab one. Can't be too much longer now.
lol Just realised I linked to bmds nz site They'll think everybody in NZ must want one. oh well, let them have a moment.
Never say never http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/nz/products/blackmagicpocketcinemacamera/ About the same size as an iPhone but different intent of course, its a camera. Check the frankenrig below. Convergence of tech is inevitable. It's another thing altogether which of the competing techs will win customers $$$$
Blame it on IGZO
I think Larry must have been out back toot'n it up with the analysts when he gave this err, opinion.
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