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Idk. but having watched my share of low resolution streams, all I can say is, It ain't worth it, at any price.
qft !Did those people who watched a "dodgy" stream want to see the fight ? Yes, of course.Were they ever going to pay for it ? Nope.Not sure what the answer is but charging a heap for ppv will ensure that there will always be alternatives.
I've tried watching all manner of streams from a heap of different sources. Movies are ok - but live sports are well, pretty much hopeless here in NZ. Even from the big players like Sky who have a live stream showing as well as normal broadcast - slow, laggy, resolution drops to a blur. Pretty much unwatchable for me if there's a big demand for a game. (I'm rural sooo - pretty much the end of the pipe lol) I watched this fight at my local. The pub paid $1500 to Sky to put...
I'd expect that to change, Goog is fighting back.About a month ago I received an email from them pointing out the errors in SEO for some of the sites I admin. The errors all related to mobile sites spawned from the desktop sites.No biggie to sort out, just needed to add meta data on the mobile pages.V pro active lol - for their own ends of course.
ahh - v900 - you don't seriously believe your last point, do you ? they do care. They are trying to be relevant. Trying valiantly, desperately, trying any which way they can to be seen as not just an ad company. I don't have to quote all their failed attempts at the hardware realm. Page Rank has what - a year or 18 months to go ? After that expires - GOOG Quo vadis ? edit: oh wait ! They'll have all that user data to on sell, that they've accumulated by fair means or...
I had it running under Parallels on Win XP along with Avira. Seemed ok. But as always on the PC side - the continual updating of new definitions drives you crazy Never had it on a Mac - the only av software I've ever installed on a Mac was ClamX on a friends MBP he thought was infected, it wasn't. Just needed a good dose of Disk Warrior :-)
Promise of delivery from Pearson.PR debacle... for all parties.
Thanks v much for that.Was looking at upgrading my machines.hmm, might leave it for a while.cheers, r
Absolutely right. there needs to be a "filter" that is impartial.That filter decides if the case can proceed. Not some court judge in err, let's say TexasSo before the money grubbing lawyers get a hold and promise the litigant millions (or buy the claim for whatever) charging 60% of settlement ,there should be some legal and informed body who can make a call.Fraught with counter claim judgements, I know.But what alternative is there ?It's complete bs the way it is now.
@gtr "I’m glad it’s getting weird again. I didn’t understand it when it wasn’t weird"; Sayings of Bruce
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