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Interesting - I checked with my wife. Their Gmail operates outside of the Citrix shell so that will be where the tracking will be coming from, I guess.hmm, have to dig a bit further on that. But it's no biggie - if its not an ad that's relevant to her it'll be something else, lol
I can only think that you have altered some of you privacy settings in your account Prefs. GG is always banging on how this is easy to do and therefore we needn't worry - but for the corps many IT departments don't allow the user access. I know you are talking about search and that may be true - it's the email etc side of Googles data mining that concerns me. This latest move to dish up meaningful information/ads using Google Now is just another example of how Google...
It's quite apparent to me - eg. my wife's a travel broker and works from home, logged in all day (and night sometimes, but that's another story). They have to use Gmail through the corp Citrix shell. I'm looking at an ad for Airpoints dollars from the ANZ bank here in NZ at the head on this very page. Other common "offers" are from cruise companies, airlines, hotels in Europe, the States (whoever she's been in contact with) and even from some of her competitors eg House of...
Allowing services to "pull" data into Now - sounds more like "push" to me. More targeted advertising services from the big G. Sapping up bandwidth.
I think he's doing the right thing with this. Rewarding existing customers - it gets my goat here in NZ when the telcos come out with these attractive offers for new customers while their existing customers get f'all. They effectively make it an easy choice to switch networks ! Back asswards - they should look after their existing customers, well they do kinda (at contract renewal time) but not as well as they should.
Aww, cmon AI Two posts deleted because they poked a little fun at common editorial mishaps. sheesh, you want to be a serious trusted source of info - well then tidy things up ! ffs- these common mishaps have been prevelant for a long time now.. A bit of proof reading never hurt anyone. jeez
This is one area in which I hope Apple never has to pour money into. Lobbying seems to be a black hole and is used to fight fires.
Yea - but unfortunately that minor distinction won't matter to Samdroids.It's an A7 and it's got 8 cores - I can hear the salespeople trotting this out even as I type.Joe Blow won't know and will be lead blindly by the wallet to the checkout.
But, but - the Samsung with the A7 octo core is sooo much lighter !/s
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