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oh well, there you go - doomed. But don't worry Pete will have got paid ok - but yeah his share of first dollar receipts will likely be down a bit.
The comments were hilarious !Rabid phandroidism - lol
Raining at your place, Red ?
It's hardly surprising to learn that there's groups/gangs out there hacking for profit. I'd be surprised if there weren't. To learn that Symantec uncovered this is somewhat of a surprise tho' I'm taking this news with a healthy dose of salt.
Give it up Adobe ! Can it ! It can't be worth the maintenance to patch this pos 2 times a week. Seriously.
^^^ What he said. I think Apple have done a great job with this - Music appears to use very little resources. I had it streaming to a Bluetooth speaker from my iPhone 6 for a few hours yesterday. The battery dropped a little but it was like 10% - great. Compare Music to the resource hog that's iHeart Radio - no comparison. I should add that was using Beats 1. Also I really like the implementation of the global dj concept. The Alligator Hour +1 and Julie from London +1
LmaoTizenbook in 3,2,1 ....
Hope the ex Apple staff have clipped them for plenty ! Me too, all over again. Mystery Sammy vans suddenly appear ....
Coming soon.Having shunned commercial radio for a while now, Im enjoying Beats One. Good job Apple !
Yea - man, that's really, really unimpressive.No sale GigSky.
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