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ahh - thought it was something like that. I'm going to hack my MacPro 1,1 to run Yosemite next week. There's still some life in the old girl yet !
Update using iTunes on a computer for your phones and ipads
yea - that's the missing link right there Soli. It would make it so easy. I put in a pos system for a client not so long ago using magento for shop sales. Used ecwid for another client. Still have to Pfaff around with card readers. It works but a little klunky on the front end, makes their back end life easy tho. accepting through Apple pay from a clients device would have been brilliant. Maybe they will one day
"dirty Macs" ?
At least we didn't mention the "S" word :-)
Well you know Apple, relic. They don't release product until they're satisfied the user experience is superior. Not to mention the supply-side of the manufacturing chain.
I installed Yosemite over top of an existing Mavs on a Mac mini 3,1 This machine is not mission critical. All good - no issues. The other machines will be getting a clean install.
You're completely right, of course.But hey, they started it !
lmao. Ambiguity reigns supreme.Bloody good question jfc.We've seen some train wrecks here over the years - but none so swift. I'd like to award SN a prize for starting it and pat an award for the swift twist.
Ben - mate, I couldn't agree less Leave the Internet open (well as open as it can ever be). Seriously - there are people and companies out there greedily eyeing up a meal ticket for ever at the exclusion of any body else. Imagine if you had pay some leech to advertise your business - oh wait Goog Well you can dyi at the moment and very successfully as well. But what if you had no choice .... F them. Keep it open. Lol at Macky - nearly missed that /s Gotta love that new...
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