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Nice words about Steve but as for the rest of the drivel - "You're wrong, Doofus !"
lol They're busy trying to find a big enough recycle bin for their "I survived the iPhone" tees, before they put those on !
IMO - clouds the way to go. I recently bought a new iPhone - activated the cloud and by the time Id quit Settings and hit Contacts half the contacts were loaded already. Too easy
Dont want to send you off-site but I use this a bit for reference. Plots release cycles etc for different Apple products - if you couple those with the rumours and news here then you're pretty well in the ballpark for most things. http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/ edit: woohoo ! MacBook Air just arrived. Typing on it now. Cool ! AC wifi - just friggn great ! That IS worth waiting for and one reason alone why you'd pass on the existing models. Way better - no shit.
Cant see it happening.Do Apple need BBY ? Nah.Slim point on the patents, although Id expect Apple to have trawled through those and either have developed their own solutions or decided another course of implementation if there was anything there of merit.Enterprise acceptancve has all but disappeared as many corporates are transitioning.Their loyal user base isnt really so loyal, as is being proven in their sales figures.
^what TS said, first reply^ Or Marvins advice, very sound. Can't compare Apples with Apples until they release the new ones. Wait if you can - I couldn't and pulled the trigger on a MacBook Air 1 week ago. Looked long and hard at the old cMBP - had to make a call. 13" 1.7, 8 Gb Ram cto for my wife who needs it for work while travelling in two weeks. Should arrive tomorrow. If I could have waited for the refresh to rMBP I would have.
Ahh - forgot about that gotcha. No problem - Here ya go http://lowendmac.com/osx/leopard/unsupported.html ymmv
Originally Posted by GTR ... "Neither Xerox nor Apple had patented any novel aspects of the Alto, Star or Macintosh because nobody foresaw the need to patent anything within the new field of graphical user interfaces in personal computing." The irony here is that they had the patents in place with iOS and the fcukers stole the guts of it anyway Well not the guts of the OS but the look and how a user interacts with a device. Still yet to be resolved. Jeez
This type of historical perspective is great because it should educate some of the people who have no computer background into the history and development of what has gone before and where we are today. It also gives justification to the beliefs that many who post here may display toward some companies. Great summary, I can only hope that some of the anti Apple posters round here take some of the history on board. I suspect not though because its not convenient and...
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