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@ Soli Yep - iPhone 6+ doesn't really challenge for screen real estate but it's kinda right on the cusp of where consumers will spend their money. I said before I love the form factor of the mini but I put a higher value on the size of a full iPad. I know I don't need three devices but certainly 2. That said I prefer the 6 form factor over the 6+ So for me a phone and iPad is best. Some people may opt for a middle solution money wise and go for the 6+ and iPad In both of...
lol. Good riposte ! I don't own a mini - but have used several. I really like their form factor and still do. They are limited though, because of the form factor, not the dpi. In airports they're perfect. On planes theyre not so good - Id rather watch a movie on my iPad for obvious reasons. I suspect they may well be eol with the 6+ chewing into their sales. We'll see
ohh this is good !Care to enlighten us ?In your considered opinion , of course.
Nice troll.uhh - there was no Air when they released the iPad mini.And besides that, the mini provides a perfectly good user experience albeit with less pixels.(Typed on my iPad 2)According to you no one should release anything because they'll always be something better - oh wait, that's how it works. Damn tech companies use the tech that they have access to and supply of. Who'd a thunk of that ?
OT - I was over in Brisbane just a couple of weeks ago. I'd never been to that mall at Chermside. F me that Apple Store there was rock'n. Seriously there around 50 blue shirts with customers about 5 - 8 to the genius. Just amazing. Per sq m, easily the busiest store by miiiiiles in the whole mall.
Yea - the 4 cant install it. 4s is ok.
"Have they done a Yosemite hack yet? I too have a 1,1 as my desktop, upgraded it to 10GB RAM and put a GTX550Ti in it this year. Runs everything I throw at it, still just on 10.7 though." Yep - Theyve been busy ! Mavs hacks have been out for over a year and were quite involved. They've really errr, streamlined the process now. Not that I recommend this type of thing. Mines like yours probably - runs smooth as silk. I put the Radeon 5770 in - yeah I'm a cheapass ! Doesn't...
ahh - thought it was something like that. I'm going to hack my MacPro 1,1 to run Yosemite next week. There's still some life in the old girl yet !
Update using iTunes on a computer for your phones and ipads
yea - that's the missing link right there Soli. It would make it so easy. I put in a pos system for a client not so long ago using magento for shop sales. Used ecwid for another client. Still have to Pfaff around with card readers. It works but a little klunky on the front end, makes their back end life easy tho. accepting through Apple pay from a clients device would have been brilliant. Maybe they will one day
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