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the No offense meant to you boeyc, but you did say the C word :-)Comcast, ugh. Heck the dead wood they're carrying is scary.If ever a tree needed felling its that one before it falls and kills innocent bystanders.Not Apples job to restructure. Apple could offer Comcast a lifeline but why bother.To stay with the forest analogy - Comcast will eventually topple over with too much weight up top. Unless it wakes up.Outside of the U.S. even massive Sky is slowly teetering under...
As has been pointed out already - it's a lot easier to use your phone or iwatch than haul out an iPad. I doubt we'll see that implemented on iPads but hey, Ya never know
Congrats GTR ! Great machine.
BFD, indeed.
I love the smell of tegra in the mornin'
Heh - I don't know why I kept it but it's still rock solid - runs smooth as silk.Couldn't see the need to upgrade it - handed down to the kids.Part of the furniture now
I think that the upgrade cycle will be largely determined by the battery in the device. I know in my own case with phones over the years that I start thinking about a new one when the battery starts to wonk. It'll be the same with my iPad2. (Although - I have to say that when I had a horse around hwith an iphone 6 I was lusting for that immediately !)
QFTThankfully Apple does tho.(This from a MacPro 1,1 owner. Don't get me started about efi !But I'm over it now, lol. I'm gonna hack the old girl to run Yosemite very soon.)
My iPad 2 has been fine. Was sitting outside under the porch yesterday - heard the phone ring inside and took the call on the iPad. iOS 8 ain't too bad even on these old slowpokes.
I know you were just having fun - but strip the veneers of so called "sophistication" from him and you've got a street pedlar who has hawked his soul a million times over.What does he care about anything other than the almighty dollar ?He'd try and pick GT up for a penny on the dollar and flog it off to whoever - Samsung probably if he couldn't rape Apple in a side deal.F the employees, f his holding in Apple. It's just business - no hard feelings, right fellas ?
New Posts  All Forums: