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sodimm, rdimm, udimm - doesn't matter. No 16 gb modules ! I hear ddr4 is just around the corner maybe that's when 32gb will be offered.
See - there ya go using facts to dispel reasonable demands ;-) Pretty good for a 4 poster - you'll go well round here !
If the Beats headphones are using some tech that is in breach of the patents then Apple should use some other method that doesn't infringe when the beats sale is finalised. That would make Boses claims historical. Jimmy n Dre have got plenty of cash to fight the lawsuit and pay any reparations. :-) My $0.02c
Lazza, surgy n derrick hit it out of the park again ........... Weeeeee - watch that turd sink faster than the titanic Bad metaphors I know - but wtf This is beyond lipstick on a pig. edit: maybe that should read - splat on the bat. Manufactures dress accordingly ....
I'm 56 and have always followed World Cups because they are a snap shot every 4 years of where football is at. Yes, I know the arguments - it's a competiition designed to find a winner but it does reflect what happening in general - as far as football is concerned. This World Cup has to be the best one ever - here we are at the finish of group 1 and 2 finals with a huge amount of uncertainty in the other groups. Italy Uruguay tomo am (for me) is massive. Never have I seen...
"Is he cheating on you ?" lol - classic. The morons can't even get your gender right. I hope this can be implemented seamlessly.
Pretty sure you have to be on 10.7 or better to be able to DL and install mav
Renamed - The Seattle Squirters !
It may be that they did not want to risk compromising the Apple brand itself with new product lines coming on stream over the next few years and so have decided to use another brand to launch these. / Big Fat guess
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