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If you can prove to local businesses that your organisation is legit and its principles are well founded you might find that one or more of them are willing to help you. It would be a donation for them and therefore tax deductible. Just an idea.
Go to the Apple and click on About this Mac. Then click on More Info. Have a look in the left side of the pane for Network. Then look for ethernet and or wireless. See if any info is displayed in the right panes. You may have to click on different headings for the devices to report. You're trying to find out if your card/s are working.
Bought a Panny 32" today and while running through the menus I saw that option there on the System menu. Haven't read the manual yet but I would think that there would be a remote key combo you could press as a shortcut. Might want to check that out. There's also a software update which I had to run as well. cheers, r
Unrelated to computers - but I had an aftermarket car charger completely pork my iPhone 2. Use trusted brands only.
A browser's just a stinking browser - it displays HTML. There may be some plugins or add ons required but the fact that you can get to the pages required tells me that something may be missing. In your boyfriends case - is his work stuff being dished up by a Citrix server ? If so then you need Citrix Receiver free. In your brothers case - Im not aware of any Windows centric login that precludes access from a Mac. My kids access their school websites from iPads. Not an...
wtf - no IGZO on your list ? :-)
lol - You should be first in line CM ! Calls are free from there I hear, no sim no contract
Yea - I mean really, they released the iP 3 was it, here in NZ first.Not a squeak about that.
I think you mean segues ....
Initially my first reaction was I was extremely disappointed with the price - but Im over that now. This is the best of the plastic offerings out there and will not disappoint people who buy on a 2 year upgrade cycle. It makes sense for Apple to have an offering in this end of the market without sacrificing the brand or quality. Was it ever going to be cheap ? We hoped so but nah, that didn't make sense. They still have the wow factor in 5s and people have a...
New Posts  All Forums: