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wtf - no IGZO on your list ? :-)
lol - You should be first in line CM ! Calls are free from there I hear, no sim no contract
Yea - I mean really, they released the iP 3 was it, here in NZ first.Not a squeak about that.
I think you mean segues ....
Initially my first reaction was I was extremely disappointed with the price - but Im over that now. This is the best of the plastic offerings out there and will not disappoint people who buy on a 2 year upgrade cycle. It makes sense for Apple to have an offering in this end of the market without sacrificing the brand or quality. Was it ever going to be cheap ? We hoped so but nah, that didn't make sense. They still have the wow factor in 5s and people have a...
Just went through a purchase decision for my wife and her new MBA, the HP was one of the monitors I looked at. The Apple and higher resolution displays are definitely worth more with their 2560x1440 but there are many things to consider like glossy vs matte, resolution, how the display looks, will other people have to view the display, price etc and so on.   Her display is often used to show info to clients - travel industry.   It depends on your needs, one thing to try...
Been 4 days now. Everything running smoothly. No issues.
Heh - yea you have to love how they mark some of these things. Black on black, so you can't read them without a torch held just at the right angle.
Haven't struck one of these yet, but thanks ! Who'd a thunk ? Does the cable have some sort of indicator on the plugs - like "S" or "TV" to give you a clue ?
I recently installed a new Time capsule ac wifi and have extended the network with 2 n airport expresses ( the old plugin models). I also received a new MacBook Air, with ac wifi - friggin great, seriously way faster. Ok, I'll get to the point - I still experience dropouts of wifi, not bad but enough to piss me off and always on mobile devices. I have updated the firmware in the expresses and will leave it a day or so before posting back.
New Posts  All Forums: