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Hey - thanks for that !Looks greatEdit: About 18 months ago I searched for a long time for alternatives to the rinky dink battery pumps after discarding them completely as being an utter waste of time.This looks excellent. Ordered one a few minutes ago.
This is classic. Many rules of the troll on display here.
I've said it before and for the hell of it I'll say it again - if Apple can figure out how to include a reliable Blood Pressure sensor on the watch they will rule. It's the missing link for the health/fitness buyers. Blood sugar and the others can come later but for now a bps would put it miles in front of anything else. It was pointed out to me in another thread that a bps does not have to be hospital grade but a reliable indicator is all that's required. God, Ye olden...
IMNSHO - one of the biggest factors in achieving a successful education program is the teacher to student ratio. Smaller classes allow good teachers to operate more effectively. Its not rocket science.
qftBut they're in there with the contracts.Sad that many school principals and their it staff are being lead by the nose - even sadder they don't know any different.Years of MS indoctrination to overcome.
Couldn't agree more. Here in NZ many high schools are using Goog Classroom. While it's kinda ok, it still falls way short. Promoted and serviced by ex MS techs busy pushing Chromebooks and servicing the school intranet. To be fair Goog have made massive inroads into education and it's not all bad - but geez it could be so much better. Cracks me up - kids have Chromebooks shoved down their throat because of price and many of the teachers are running around with MBP or Airs...
ah ok - it's a general principle not a telco/carrier specific law. Thanks I was reading a bit more on this. So it's the Taiwanese FTC that bought the suit to court - the carriers don't appear to be involved. It's also the first time a challenge to Apples pricing model has been successfully upheld. Hmm, over to Apple to return service....
yep ok - but wait.What if I was representing a carrier in Taiwan.I knew that Taiwanese law granted full ownership and any terms required by Apple would be deemed to be illegal if tested in court.Because I want the product, I need the product - I willingly agree to the Reseller Agreement.I have demonstrably shown bad faith in entering into that Agreement knowing it was illegal.Semantics aside - It's all a storm in a teacup and I'm sure it will get resolved.I said earlier...
Yea - but they still have to work within the Reseller agreement guidelines they agreed to in the first place.If they want to step outside of those guidelines they are effectively breaking a contract.They can't have it both ways.Or maybe they can ... at the moment.Will be interesting to see what Apple does with this.Apple won't let any reseller compromise the "brand" by operating outside the agreements.
Yea - a hangover from Ye olden days when carriers loaded their own crap software and ux.
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