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Maybe that's the market segment they're afterUntapped - not much potential but hey, why not ?:-)
That's it, right there.Shame to see it go but - (repeat the above).
The only time I've had flakiness like what you've described is because of batteries and one I replaced because it just went haywire after the kids dropped it a couple of times onto a hard floor surface. We've got three trackpads - a bad batch of batteries can make it hard to identify what the issue is. Not much help, I know.
I'm going to have a play with that - thanks anant !Side note - just had a play with an iphone 6 and a 6+ (A friend got the 6 for himself and the 6+ for his wife.)Size wise - 6 all the way for me. I had thought that I'd prefer the 6+ - but the 6 is the sweet spot as far as I'm concerned.Still have a few months to go on contract with my old now POS 4s :-)
I never use iTunes for anything other than when I'm forced there on occasion to update/restore or sync. I really wish Apple would leave iTunes as a seperate thing and also have something like we used to have with iSync. 0.02c
Goog filtered news - perfect, just what the world needs. Pass.
The thing is - no one could call what they're doing "marketing".You're completely correct saying, empty marketing strategies.They simply don't understand the principles nor the meaning.
Thanks. That puts it into perspective.If that # is correct or thereabouts, that is a last throw of the dice strategy.Throw poorly implemented features at the products then throw an obscene amount of money into advertising in the hope that the tide will turn.The tide has turned - about 6 years ago.Sammy charted a course right into the rocks on a king tide and now they're high and dry.
Just for the record - does anyone remember how Sammy spent on advertising ? Management ought to be hauled over the coals for this - they have been aware for many months of the decline yet carried on with production and advertising in full denial. Pathetic. I sometimes wonder if Sammy North America and Sammy Korea are some kind of weird two headed monster - both talking past each other with no effective communication or strategy in place.
I agree - Apple may be best to keep to a "home grown" employee for this role.When it goes bad in PR it usually results in a Sh!tstorm in the media.
New Posts  All Forums: