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Big fan here of Life Proof cases on iPads. Not on phones though. I take my iPad 2 to sea and use it as a chartplotter. This frees up my combo unit to use as a sounder only without having to hop between screens or use split screen. Pretty much bullet proof and waterproof - yes it adds some bulk but the trade offs worth it for me.
I had a flounder around on the base model 27 iMac. Beautiful display. Opened up Pages with the blank A4 template, changed it to A3 at 100%. Used the default of 11 point text. A little small for my old eyes but legible and smooth as. Changed the zoom to 150, 165, fit to width (which zoomed it in to about 360% F me ! Wow)The text rendering is fantastic. Beautiful. In a proper page layout program you'd get 2 A3 pages side by side at 100%. Full length in portrait. With some...
I'd like to see that !You Tube ? Vimeo ?
Qft Or we're just that f'n spoiled we'll bitch and moan - because we can !
Jeez, isn't it absolutely fantastic we have this many choices ?Really, spoiled for choice how we might integrate tech into our lives.We bitch and moan about this and that and on what device is better and on what we spend our money on.Step back even 10 years ..... incredible really./Thoughtful aside over
@ Soli Yep - iPhone 6+ doesn't really challenge for screen real estate but it's kinda right on the cusp of where consumers will spend their money. I said before I love the form factor of the mini but I put a higher value on the size of a full iPad. I know I don't need three devices but certainly 2. That said I prefer the 6 form factor over the 6+ So for me a phone and iPad is best. Some people may opt for a middle solution money wise and go for the 6+ and iPad In both of...
lol. Good riposte ! I don't own a mini - but have used several. I really like their form factor and still do. They are limited though, because of the form factor, not the dpi. In airports they're perfect. On planes theyre not so good - Id rather watch a movie on my iPad for obvious reasons. I suspect they may well be eol with the 6+ chewing into their sales. We'll see
ohh this is good !Care to enlighten us ?In your considered opinion , of course.
Nice troll.uhh - there was no Air when they released the iPad mini.And besides that, the mini provides a perfectly good user experience albeit with less pixels.(Typed on my iPad 2)According to you no one should release anything because they'll always be something better - oh wait, that's how it works. Damn tech companies use the tech that they have access to and supply of. Who'd a thunk of that ?
OT - I was over in Brisbane just a couple of weeks ago. I'd never been to that mall at Chermside. F me that Apple Store there was rock'n. Seriously there around 50 blue shirts with customers about 5 - 8 to the genius. Just amazing. Per sq m, easily the busiest store by miiiiiles in the whole mall.
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