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Crappy video card then, crappy video card now. Except the 27" top-of-thge-line that'll set you back $3,300 CDN. Nothing's really changed. (Not a hater, owned Apple exclusively since my Apple II.)
Nope. It's the banks themselves and their powerful lobbying influence on friends in high places (aka Harper and his cronies). They are furious that Apple wants to hide personal and marketable (and valuable) transaction details from them in a tokenised and anonymised payment method. Really mad. They don't want to lose this control over customer data and will drag their heels as long as possible, whining to their friends in government to not allow this. Fucking Canadian...
She was using her iPhone to tweet with just a few days before the BlackBerry announcement, now she's not. Guess BlackBerry brass got in touch and told her to knock it off. Hacked, my ass. No surprise here.  
  John Hodgman was the PC itself and not the user.
Yup. Meant for people using iBooks Author to upload/submit finished files for sale. And I can finally, once, say that Apple's legal needs to treat countries differently has actually benefitted Canada. ISBN numbers here, for Canadian-based publishers, are free, handed out by the CISS agency of our Federal government. The US is the odd man out here with private firms in control of the ISBN system for US publishers, many countries offer free ISBNs to publishers set up in them.
This. Apple's patent is very specific about the graphical object being moved, and the manner and direction with which it must slide. That makes it unique, hence Apple's patent. Apple's European version of the patent, EP1964022 (B1), is specifically titled "UNLOCKING A DEVICE BY PERFORMING GESTURES ON AN UNLOCK IMAGE", to specify the requirement for the image associated with the gesture. Swiping by other means is another perfectly patentable idea.
No, it's me too.
Compared to the THREE year contracts Bell and Rogers screw Canadian customers with, these are great rates. Two years? That'd be nice.
Crap. That means I'll be spending my whole day in a line at my local Apple Store. I am under no illusion whatsoever that it's not going to be a fun time but that if you're not in line early, you'll not get one here in Canada. Ah well, pack a lunch, my iPad, and a good book and just make a day of it I guess. Grrr.
Ditto. Taking Friday morning off. Will be outside Apple store at _________ by 5AM (I'm an early rise so that's normal). Back to work by noon at the latest. Bit of a drive but happy.
New Posts  All Forums: