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You can do it already with an iPhone. I'm not a fan of this software, but yeah, here's the iPhone version... https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/keycard/id578513438?mt=12
Here's a free app that does Mountain Lion notifications for the major Apple news sites.  Good way of keeping up-to-date...   http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tech-loop/id561179293?mt=12
I don't think so because there are other methods that do refer to the smart cover and that have been around since the smart cover came out. These are new methods that only appeared in iOS 6.   I doubt it refers to the MacBook Air since this is only in iOS code, not OS X.
These are the entries in the iOS 6 code...   -(void)clamshellDidClose:(GSEventRef)clamshell; -(void)clamshellDidOpen:(GSEventRef)clamshell;
Yup, strengthened by the fact that references to clamshell appear in the iOS 6 code... http://www.looptruth.com/apple-may-be-developing-a-flip-phone-or-other-clamshell-device/
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