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Why the hell are my songs edited? Am I using the kiddie version or something? I can't find anything to turn it off.
Yes, I'm surprised how smooth everything is going.
Lost my remote months ago. It's so tiny it could be anywhere. Thank goodness for the Remote app on my iPhone.
I wonder how they choose which apps to delete.
No thanks, I like the home button.
Great point. Wasn't even thinking about it. I do this ALL the time and now it's about to become a pain in the butt with iOS 9.
You can barely see the apps without scrolling through them. After watching that clip and opening the switcher on my phone, I prefer the iOS 8 implementation. This looks like a step backwards.
Boy is he right about iTunes. What a mess. But I don't think you need iTunes to access Apple Music so I don't understand the connection. They're separate, right? I haven't really needed iTunes in years, since iOS gained more autonomy with iCloud, and I'd like to keep it that way.
The Beats acquisition is finally coming into focus. We've cracked it.
Awesome. Just made my iTunes movie collection a little bit better.
New Posts  All Forums: