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The 4 inch iPhone is an abomination. It was a haphazard response to the large screen phenomenon while attempting to maintain one-handed dexterity. The answer was not to split the baby, but to create an entirely new class of device as Apple finally did with iPhone 6. While these newer phones are indeed solid choices, they in no way diminish the viability of the original 3.5 inch model. If Apple were to truly think different, this is the path they would choose.
Why not make it 3.5 inches? The iPhone 4s is a great size; imagine it sleeker with updated circuitry. Being the only phone maker with a high end compact device would help distinguish the lineup from the bevy of big screen barges. It could be the start of a revolution.
Everything's fine on my end. Hell I just used Spotlight to get here.
Is there anything surprising left to read in that book? The Apple blogosphere has seen fit to continuously spoil it with numerous headline stories that can't be avoided. How about you wait until it comes out so some of us can read it first?
No surprise.
Who the hell needs to wear their watch in the shower?
Am I the only one who, upon seeing that AI image, proceeded to hold their iPhone just like the model in the photo?
Jada Pinkett-Smith deserves more respect than that.
Agreed. I think the iPod touch has plenty of life left, and also thought it was dumb how others left that segment to Apple in its entirety. I just fear that Apple no longer sees a good enough reason to continue investing in the iPod touch. They don't seem to care about it.
Looks like we'll be waiting another year for that 5.5 inch iPod touch.
New Posts  All Forums: