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My bad. When I said I wanted an Apple eReader, I didn't mean that I also wanted Tim Cook to put a gun to your head and force you to buy one. If you picked that up then my apologies.If you somehow also read from my post that I wish for Apple to discontinue the iPad, then that wasn't the case either.Should Apple release an iBook, you can leave it on the shelf when you walk past it. Just like every other Apple product you didn't purchase.The eReader market isn't going...
If Apple wishes to bolster their book business, they should produce an eReader that competes with the likes of Kobo Aura, Nook and Kindle. Call it the "iBook." I and many others can't or won't read from LCD screens for hours on end, nullifying any chance to conquer us as iBooks customers. I hold out hope that Apple will one day surprise us all by announcing the iBook.
Just hope we still have a 4" high end model as an option. Me and millions of other happy iPhone owners do not have big screen envy. Please don't forget about us, Apple.
Hope we can get little desktop replicas of the spaceship campus.
Lmfao. Reading that out of nowhere killed me.
I didn't say it would be quick or easy. You're right that it will take years, and that's why the sooner they get started the better. I'm sure there's many within Apple who feel they need their own search engine and it's time to end the internal debate and get the ball rolling. Every day they waste is another day they could've spent getting closer to the finish line, such as standing idle while companies like Google buy up other firms to strengthen their search...
Apple has put itself in a serious bind with its absence from the search business. You can never be truly independent without your own search engine.
You'd have to be rather dense to read this and still not see the viability of an iWatch.
They got the screen size right, at least. Can't wait for that 4.7 inch iPhone 6.
Yes these bezels are too thick. I don't want to see any side bezel. Here's hoping that it's one of the design differences between the speculative stuff and the actual phone.
New Posts  All Forums: