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And that's what used to separate Apple from the rest of these companies. Rather than spreading themselves thin with a bunch of ham handed options, they were intently focused on providing a few simple ideal solutions. The ideal solution is to have a phone and a tablet, not something that fails at being both.
A 4 inch iPhone 6 would've outsold the iPhone 6 Plus by a wide margin. It's far more fitting for the vast majority of people around the world. Apple fans are stunned that the company would drop it like a hot potato for some niche device that goes against their philosophy of creating the best products. Instead they've gone out and endorsed the hamfisted ideas of competitors who came up with this zany big phone gimmick because they couldn't compete head to head.
The 6 Plus is as much of a tablet as those crappy 7 inch Android "tablets" that failed to compete with the iPad. It's the type of tweener product that Steve shunned, it makes for neither a good phone or a good tablet.
I don't even know how you call that thing a phone. It's preposterous that they'd dedicate the resources to building the Plus while neglecting to make a 4 inch iPhone 6. Apple has gone from trendsetter to follower.
The iPhone 6 Plus is a curse on Apple. They never should've made it. I bet none of the executives including Ive himself even use it.
If Apple had done the proper thing and release a 4" and 4.7" iPhone 6, none of this would've happened. They should've gone with their conscience instead of blindly chasing competitors. The iPhone Plus is an embarrassment.
Where the hell is it?
Where the hell is The Simpsons?
Can you subscribe to Beats through iTunes yet?
That thing will be gigantic. I don't know how anyone could walk around with it in their pocket.
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