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Can you subscribe to Beats through iTunes yet?
That thing will be gigantic. I don't know how anyone could walk around with it in their pocket.
Not a single thing that I'm remotely interested in purchasing.
That's cute.
And what's the "iPad crowd," exactly? I guess if B&N doesn't feature pics of people holding Starbucks lattes, it's all good and they don't mean Apple any harm, right? You're insane. FFS the whole page from top to bottom is a direct Apple.com ripoff.
The Kindle that Amazon splashed across its storefront homepage next to an iPad mini for comparison sake? The Kindle that Amazon spent millions of dollars advertising on TV as a superior device to the iPad?For crying out loud, these devices are all on the same playing field. They all purposely undercut the iPad mini then openly try to convince customers to buy their cheaper devices over those "expensive" Apple products. AI was not out of line to highlight a new entrant...
That's like saying some Windows laptop isn't competing with the MacBook because it's a cheap pos. Newsflash, it's all the same market! There are no varying degrees, Barnes & Noble will try to convince people to buy this over the Kindle Fire AND iPad mini. Just because they lack the engineering prowess, supply chain and brand confidence to stand more directly toe to toe with Apple doesn't mean they're not a competitor.
So it's plastic with an inch smaller screen than the iPad mini but it's thicker and barely any lighter? What a piece of junk. I'll take the old 1stGen mini over the new Barnes & Noble Scamsung Crook.
Why can't I subscribe through my iTunes account? It wants an email address or my Facebook whenever I open the app. Doesn't make any sense.
Then keep the rest of the handset slightly thicker so everything is in proportion, and don't thin it out further until you can get the lens flush with the back sometime in the future.
New Posts  All Forums: