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Awesome. Just made my iTunes movie collection a little bit better.
There's nothing wrong with televisions. The problem is the boxes to which they're connected. There is absolutely no way Apple could make a TV that's as revolutionary as the iPhone in 2007. So Tim made a wise decision.
Rightwingers must be so grateful for the 22nd Amendment. If it wasn't for that, President Obama would be on his way to a third term.
Which is exactly why Steve wanted to make everything himself. Here we are in 2015 and the Mac still gets neglected. The only way we'd get a good comparable product is for Apple to create one.
As a watch collector I can tell you that this is a foolish proposition. Every individual watch should be pressure tested before any serious diving activity, even ones advertised with much greater waterproofing than the Apple Watch. They are all different, and the slightest break in a seal could do serious damage to the watch components. That's why Apple doesn't want you engaging in any water activity with their product. They could conduct this test with another Apple...
This might be the buggiest hardware product Apple has ever launched. It should have a beta tag slapped on it. All I hear about this thing are complaints. And every time I run into a person wearing one in the wild, their wrist spin never lights up the screen. The wheels are coming off in Cupertino.
There's a prototype iPad Pro out in the wild somewhere.
Yeah, cause Tidal would've been a roaring success if that update came through sooner.
Another ridiculous merger struck down by the mighty sword of the Obama administration. If Romney was in charge of the DOJ, it probably would've been smooth sailing for Comcast.
Watch looks more intriguing by the day. Still think I'll wait for the 2ndGen though.
New Posts  All Forums: