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It's amazing how these pieces all fit together for Apple like a puzzle.
That's fine, and they could've demonstrated that by giving the iPad mini 3 the plain A8 chipset while keeping A8X for iPad Air 2. That would've made more sense than what they did. It's a head scratcher to charge $100 more for Touch ID alone.
This time last year the iPad mini 2 had the same specs as the iPad Air and cost $100 less.
They could've at least put the A8 from the iPhone 6/6 Plus in there. Charging $100 more for Touch ID is a poor showing on Apple's behalf.
 I agree.  Having all those tabs is just messy.  It's for procrastinators and generally unfocused individuals. 
That would be unacceptable. When I come back to Safari those two tabs better still be there ready for me or I'll be forced to complain on an internet forum.
I only keep two or three tabs open at once so that would be great. So long as I can have two tabs open with absolutely no reloading under any circumstances, I don't see how you could ask for more than that in such a device.
I'm hoping the true next gen iPad mini has the thinness of the iPad Air 2 but (obviously) more compact and much less weight. If so I'll be ready to buy another one.
If Apple makes a 5.5 inch iPod touch then I won't need another iPad. Which makes me fear they will opt against that idea...
Way too long since they updated the iPod touch. Hoping there's a 5.5" iPod touch Plus in store.
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