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I was expecting something like this to be a central feature of the iWatch.
Bet if Steve was still around, crap like this would make him seriously contemplate building his own car.
What I wouldn't give to have a man like Bibi as President of the United States right now. Putin would be shaking in his boots if he had to face an America with a real leader in Netanyahu rather than laughing in Barack Obama's face as he does now.
Lenovo CEO: "We are in the junk business."
The iPad mini can do everything the iPad does but in a much more compact package. Those who refuse to make the switch can't let go of the past. It's time to embrace the future. The only way a full sized iPad could best the mini is if Apple increased the screen size beyond 9.7" and/or turned it into an "iOS Pro" type device that ran some new hybrid version of iOS and OS X. Then maybe I could see why someone would choose it over the mini. Other than that, the mini is...
There better be a Retina mini, otherwise they're wasting our time. Nobody even cares about the regular iPad anymore, it's all about the mini. Give me the Retina mini or give me death!
Just great.  This guy is the last thing Apple needs.   Tim should offer to buy back his shares, specifically, so he can take a hike.
If you want to be surprised then stop visiting sites like AppleInsider. I know plenty of people, like my parents, who have no idea what Apple is coming out with next because they don't visit AI 10 times a day.
The iPod touch has run its course. Time to put that baby out to pasture. Once the iPhone 5C debuts, there will be no need for it. Matter of fact, kill the entire iPod lineup. Then call the new wearable devices "iPods." There is no future in standalone music players.As for a potential plastic case, I wouldn't mind at all so long as it was a high quality, durable plastic with a great feel. I wouldn't expect anything less than that from Jony Ive; I'm sure the iPhone 5C...
New Posts  All Forums: