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I was hoping for a monorail.
How awesome would the iPhone be with 3 gigs of RAM? That's probably what it takes just for Android to run somewhat smoothly. On an Apple device it'd be like heaven. I guess we'll get to 3 gigs with iPhone 7.
Apple doesn't want you to close them. They say iOS runs more efficiently if you just leave them open. I doubt we'll ever have the option to close out all apps.
I'm not watching this garbage.
And it's still down. Two hours later. They want me to pay them $9.99 a month to rent music that they can't even reliably stream? Why do this VMA crap if you don't have the wherewithal to handle the traffic?
I wish it was a "modest update" so my iPhone 6 wouldn't feel outdated. But the addition of Force Touch is anything but modest, especially on the iPhone 6 Plus. It will practically be a whole new phone. It might even have all that new stylus tech expected in the iPad Pro.
This is why the Apple blogosphere remains as vital as ever. The mainstream media still wishes to contort facts in an attempt to portray Apple as a failure wherever possible. Thank you for your diligent work, Daniel.
Wall Street loves to make excuses for Apple's enemies. Apple has similar problems with every iPhone launch, you don't see it resulting in a YOY drop in revenue and profit.
Why the hell are my songs edited? Am I using the kiddie version or something? I can't find anything to turn it off.
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