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Nothing says success like a committee-made watch led by Hewlett Packard.
I'll just get it for free.
Cannablization goes beyond 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 itself killed any serious need I had for an iPad. The iPad, for me personally, was a solution to the problem of tiny iPhone screens. Now that I finally have an iPhone with which I can type and see everything comfortably, I have no need for an iPad.
Apple has gone to some great lengths to conceal this one.
Why not have 3GB RAM in the iPhone 7 as well?
I see no reason to upgrade from my current Apple TV.
Those movies had strong ensemble casts, of which he played a part. He was not the leading star. I didn't say he couldn't act; I said he doesn't put asses in theater seats. He can't be relied upon to carry a big budget film.
Michael Fassbender will never be an A-list star who can carry a movie. Nobody is going to the theater to see him. The studio should've acquiesced to whatever the hell David Fincher wanted and kept him paired with Christian Bale by any means necessary.
He looks more like Steve Jobs than Michael Fassbender.
And how do we know these motherfuckers aren't doing side deals that just haven't been reported yet? I don't trust any of this crap right now.
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