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You'd have to be rather dense to read this and still not see the viability of an iWatch.
They got the screen size right, at least. Can't wait for that 4.7 inch iPhone 6.
Yes these bezels are too thick. I don't want to see any side bezel. Here's hoping that it's one of the design differences between the speculative stuff and the actual phone.
What the hell, they can watch everything we type? Is that the same with third party keyboards on all platforms or an iOS-only thing?
 We don't know, and the assumption was that a deal had yet to take place since we didn't hear anything officially.  But this article is saying that for all we know, Apple could've already purchased the company and doesn't even have to announce it.  That's what's new (to me at least).
Yeah right. The only thing Apple is two weeks from announcing is Dr. Dre's new parking spot in Cupertino.
Why should anyone be able to outbid Apple?
Instead of bitching and moaning about Google, you should be lamenting the fact that Apple lacked the foresight to buy such a potentially transformative app and integrate it into their own operating system. Apple looked at it and only saw a neat commercial.
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