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Why the passive aggressive vagueness? Name names and make specific points so that we may properly make a fool out of you.
Yes, it all fits so well together.
OMG that is absolutely brilliant. A whole new range of folks might be drawn inside (no pun intended) just for the artwork. It instantly adds a great new dimension to the Apple Store.
Why on earth would Apple work so hard to create such a potentially useful thing only to not use it? Something like this sure as hell better be apart of the iPad Pro equation.
Indeed. Score one for the Obama Justice Department. This is precisely why I wanted the merger blocked. I hope they do the same with Comcast.I won't hesitate to port my number to T-Mobile and pay the early termination fee if AT&T fails to follow suit. The data robbery must come to an end.
I decided to finally get an iPhone 6. The network I was with said they wouldn't have the one I want until December 26th, so I ported my number out to another that had a very small supply left. When I want something I want it now.
Snitches get stitches.
Great news for Apple.
What an awesome device. With a gift card I got it for $213 after taxes. It almost feels like robbery to get such amazing technology at that price.
 Best Buy isn't making their employees do anything.  If they don't like that the company is open on Thanksgiving, they're free to quit anytime they want.
New Posts  All Forums: