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Am I the only one who, upon seeing that AI image, proceeded to hold their iPhone just like the model in the photo?
Jada Pinkett-Smith deserves more respect than that.
Agreed. I think the iPod touch has plenty of life left, and also thought it was dumb how others left that segment to Apple in its entirety. I just fear that Apple no longer sees a good enough reason to continue investing in the iPod touch. They don't seem to care about it.
Looks like we'll be waiting another year for that 5.5 inch iPod touch.
The Castro brothers, Russia, Iran, Islamic militants including Al-Qaeda on the march toward a global Caliphate. For America's enemies, Barack Obama is the gift that keeps on giving.
That's more like what I was expecting from Apple. The watch that was so good and useful that it could actually force me to start wearing watches again lol. Not feeling the Apple Watch, though.
Imagine how bad it would be for Scamsung if Apple wasn't feeding their chip business billions of dollars a year.
Why the passive aggressive vagueness? Name names and make specific points so that we may properly make a fool out of you.
Yes, it all fits so well together.
OMG that is absolutely brilliant. A whole new range of folks might be drawn inside (no pun intended) just for the artwork. It instantly adds a great new dimension to the Apple Store.
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