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And how do we know these motherfuckers aren't doing side deals that just haven't been reported yet? I don't trust any of this crap right now.
What the ****, I didn't read about that anywhere. They better give me my fucking money back.
The default option is way better. Letting me wipe out all notifications by day has made my iPhone much less of a pain in the ass.
What the hell am I supposed to donate money for? They'll all be on the European welfare rolls soon enough. They'll probably be living better than me.
 A stylus with a phone?  Why?  How on earth does it make web browsing a dream?
After the competition gets their hands on the phones, they'll have it copied in multi, multi, multi months.
Alex Gibney. May his name live in infamy. Nothing attached to it will see a dollar from me in any way, shape or form.
Wasn't ready for primetime.
My Cousin Vinny for $3.99 today.  Can't beat that!
Not an Apple Watch fan but I must admit that Apple got it right with the display shape. Round doesn't work for anything other than telling time.
New Posts  All Forums: