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How does one pronounce skeuomorphic?
Remember when this website was about Macs and didn't follow the effect of Apple on the national or global economy? (sigh) Those were the days.
I have read that the pilots of Blackhawk helicopters need a year of training to use these sorts of displays. It seems that as you brain is switching between the near focused display and back to your regular field of view, that it induces nasty headaches that requires lots of practice to be able to use comfortably.
"it is speculated that rather then speaking to any of the Telecom companies in China, Tim Cook may have just stop by to use the bathroom, since he was just walking by, and he figured no one would mind. The Joy City apple store is know to have one of the cleanest public sit toilets in the downtown Bejing area. Or maybe not. He wouldn't say. But we will report it anyway.
This would be an opportunity to create a Chinese app store. Or is there one already?
As a thought experiment, after seeing that video, imagine a MacBook pro with a case made of this. Now what would happen if you dropped it?
Cheeze, when you become the biggest company in the US, they really come out of the woodwork, don't they? Where was this dispute 5 years ago?
Or maybe it should read: Oops, we promised to let this be revealed at the keynote presentation. Its just we are so excited about this product that our undisiplined employees spilled the beans. Thank god Steve's not around anymore since this major announcement will fall flat now. Hope they don't kick us out of the keynote. Sorry.
Little fish get fined and jail time, the big fish like goldman sachs get slapped on the wrist and plead without admitting guilt. What a great system.
Interesting socioeconomic experiment also pertaining to the Ipad name trademark issue in China. Curious as to how this will affect public perception of Motorola vs. Apple in Germany, impact of sales, social freedom issues, grey market sales. Also good experiment on reaction of western culture free market vs. eastern culture free market. A graduate level thesis in here eventually.
New Posts  All Forums: