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To all the people hating on this product because it's so "obvious" that an alarm should not have a silencing function...be aware that the original intent was to combat the "crying wolf" effect of overly annoying, hard-to-silence alarms. It's even more useless if people take the batteries out when they're cooking and leave it sitting in the junk drawer.Obviously the implementation needs tweaking, but it's a great idea to reduce the signal-to-noise ratio. My condo's fire...
It does, the vents are just hidden in the display hinge. Run a few Flash videos and put your finger near the base of the screen
Well they have bought up the supply of LiquidMetal, which is amorphous and can therefore be configured for electromagnetic transparency.Though they sure as heck don't have the means to produce 50 million units each quarter.
At first I thought someone might be trolling using pictures of an iPod Touch. But the camera appears more in line with an iphone 5s, and Touches feature a plastic window for the Wi-Fi, missing in this photo. I doubt any factory would be producing them so soon though. Unless they're prototyping some assembly processes or something. But you'd think they could produce a few units without someone whipping out their camera phone.
If not completely bezel-free, I feel they could at least do something similar to the HTC One where the glossy black bezel (which matches the display when off) goes all the way to the edge. It gives a much cleaner appearance, not unlike the MacBook Pro. Of course this would also let them increase the display size without increasing the overall device size too much.
When you think of people of different sizes, a curved display is necessary for anything greater than 1-1.25 inches. Otherwise it starts to look very bulky, like rolling a CD along a soda can. Even the 6th gen iPod Nano was only 1.5 inches across and is arguably too bulky for a mass audience (although thickness and bezels certainly play a part)
Despite the advances in mobile, the two categories are still miles apart.Macs/PCs holds 250 GB-2,000 GB of storage. Phones and tablets top out at 128, but are more typically 16-32 gigs.Macs/PCs evolved with the use of mice and keyboards. Mobile uses touch, accelerometers, etc.The iPhone uses about 1 watt of power. Macs/PCs draw 10-100 times this (or more). They are still an order of magnitude more powerful (and not a sitting target).Mobile is compact and meant to be...
My 3rd-gen iPod and iBook G4 was my entry into the world of Apple 9+ years ago. Both were beautiful marvels of technology and design. 3 more Macs, 1 more iPod, 3 iPhones, and 2 iPads later I'm still a happy camper Looking forward, I can see this space being filled by the iWatch. Cheaper than phones/Macs ($200-$400?), that cool accessory that you can get every two years or give as a generous Christmas gift. They were also affordable entries into the Apple ecosystem for...
Choosing the "Reduce Motion" and "Bold Text" options in Accessibility might assuage some of your gripes. I like the animations but found them too slow, so I use Reduce Motion to change the zooms to a simple cross fade.
Interesting time for the Mac. I would've guessed that something big was coming within the next couple of years. Like when we first saw OS X so many years ago. But then why would they start this new naming paradigm? Does that mean we're getting small, annual California-themed upgrades for the next decade?
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