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Choosing the "Reduce Motion" and "Bold Text" options in Accessibility might assuage some of your gripes. I like the animations but found them too slow, so I use Reduce Motion to change the zooms to a simple cross fade.
Interesting time for the Mac. I would've guessed that something big was coming within the next couple of years. Like when we first saw OS X so many years ago. But then why would they start this new naming paradigm? Does that mean we're getting small, annual California-themed upgrades for the next decade?
There is not currently a market for wearables. I think there will be soon. There's so much smoke, there's got to be a fire.-Tim Cook's expressed intense interest in wearables-Apple has hired execs from Nike and fashion companies-Apple has patents for wristband battery cells and other related techI have no idea when (apparently SOMETHING new is coming in 2014), but it seems inevitable. People also doubted that the iPhone and iPad existed ...
I suspect Apple's intense desire for secrecy may be one of the causes. Cupertino's employees are pretty compliant and loyal, but leak after leak comes out of their Asian supply chain. We saw iPad Air parts leak in what, July? Imagine how few surprises would remain if they started production 6 or 9 months before release.
This copy sounds more like something Microsoft would write. I'm in disbelief that Apple marketing actually approved such a cheesy, crass line. What's next, dub step iPad ads?
The 0.2 or 0.3 mm here or there probably won't make a big difference. I am curious how much the weight might change though. Obviously, the Mini's strength is its size, which enables one-handed operation and a more compact experience. If it suddenly becomes too heavy to comfortably hold in one hand, that could detract from the experience a bit. Retina display would be worth it though IMO.
 It's a new product line with a new design, at a new price point (for something that isn't last year's model), that comes in new colors. I think you're confusing "new" with "cutting edge specs". When the white MacBooks (and subsequent redesigns) came out, no one said "Hey this isn't new, this uses the same Toshiba hard drive as the MacBook Pro, but in lower capacities!"  Repackaging existing technology at different price points and designs count as "new" in my book. For...
People will always complain about change...I'm sure people can find all sorts of little design niggles to whine about. But when you compare it to iOS 6, it's a huge improvement hands-down. iOS 6 just looks heavy, obscured (e.g. lock screen that only shows 1/2 the wallpaper), and outdated. I think after a month or two people will just get used to it (like Lightning ports and natural scrolling) and it'll be weird to go back.
You're probably thinking of the parallax feature, which is still present. Panoramic wallpapers actually took your panorama photos in our camera roll to make a panning wallpaper that spun as you moved your phone.
Former Fruit Store worker here... 1) Yes we did have bag searches - nobody really cared if it was done before or after clocking out though. If a manager was available in the back, you could do the bag search and then clock out. If you have to find a manager on the sales floor, it was off the clock. 2) A bag, while not crucial, is a basic need in this line of work. They don't have desks or anything. When I first started we didn't even have lockers. How many people only go...
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