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The same reason it might say "at&t" or "O2" and still be demonstrating Siri's Japanese language features.
I know you're kidding, but you know that the Apple logo was rainbow since like 25 years ago, right?
Concerns over security are definitely very understandable. But don't forget - NFC is not just for buying sodas. It could also be used to: -exchange money between everyday people (like a more elegant Square) -to share a contact between friends, or a link at a public place (touch the poster here to watch the movie's trailer) -quickly share info between an individual's devices -pay for public transit -pair a Bluetooth or other accessory with just a touch -set up multiplayer...
Let's not forget about LiquidMetal! Maybe that's still too pie-in-the-sky, but that seems like a great candidate for all of these issues. If I'm not mistaken, it's electromagnetically transparent and would not cause interference. It's also super strong, so it could be quite thin and actually stronger than the iPhone 4 design. If the next iPhone has a larger display, it would probably also have a larger surface area. Maybe that would obviate the need to put the antennas on...
I fully realize that this is not relevant to the main thrust of the article, BUT...nowhere is it said that Adam and Eve ate an apple. Just saying.
This is pretty neat and useful. I don't get why "power users" complain about these kind of UI features. I've been using a Mac for 8+ years, but that the ability to upload things so quickly and ubiquitously is just neat and a little bit fun. Although, I'd really prefer Facebook integration to Twitter. Maybe by the summer...
No doubt ultrabooks will get faster and cheaper over the next two years. But has this guy never heard of the Wayne Gretsky puck metaphor?!
Exactly what I was thinking. It comes off more as desperation than anything. Sure, this product line failed and we dumped a billion dollars into it - but maybe we'll have something in another two years! Leadership lately seems quite poor at HP. OK HP, Touchpad vs. iPad 3 and 4. Go!
All I know is, I picked up a Galaxy Player the other day and it was a dead ringer for my old iPhone 3G. http://cdn.androidcentral.com/sites/...y-player-5.jpg
I don't think it's a "kids" thing. I think the younger generation(s) are just more likely to post their thoughts, emotions, etc. online. If you're publicly defaming your company, you shouldn't be surprised when you get fired. I think the trouble is that social networks blur that line between public and private. What employees think is a private comment visible to their friends can be leaked out or otherwise made public.
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