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I fully realize that this is not relevant to the main thrust of the article, BUT...nowhere is it said that Adam and Eve ate an apple. Just saying.
This is pretty neat and useful. I don't get why "power users" complain about these kind of UI features. I've been using a Mac for 8+ years, but that the ability to upload things so quickly and ubiquitously is just neat and a little bit fun. Although, I'd really prefer Facebook integration to Twitter. Maybe by the summer...
No doubt ultrabooks will get faster and cheaper over the next two years. But has this guy never heard of the Wayne Gretsky puck metaphor?!
Exactly what I was thinking. It comes off more as desperation than anything. Sure, this product line failed and we dumped a billion dollars into it - but maybe we'll have something in another two years! Leadership lately seems quite poor at HP. OK HP, Touchpad vs. iPad 3 and 4. Go!
All I know is, I picked up a Galaxy Player the other day and it was a dead ringer for my old iPhone 3G. http://cdn.androidcentral.com/sites/...y-player-5.jpg
I don't think it's a "kids" thing. I think the younger generation(s) are just more likely to post their thoughts, emotions, etc. online. If you're publicly defaming your company, you shouldn't be surprised when you get fired. I think the trouble is that social networks blur that line between public and private. What employees think is a private comment visible to their friends can be leaked out or otherwise made public.
"iPhone 4G" makes technical sense and would be in line with the iPhone 3G's naming. But I think it's a bit too much alphabet soup to explain to a customer the difference between an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 4G. As arbitrary as "iPhone 5" may be - it's not the fifth-generation, nor does it have "5G" radio - it's crystal clear to consumers that it's the next-generation up from the "4" family. Though, I imagine by the time it gets to "6", they may drop the number...
I could see them selling a new iPad 3 (Retina Display, A6 processor, something else?) at the current price points (starting at $499). This would push the envelope on tech and allow them to leave competitors a year or two behind. Simultaneously, they could keep selling the iPad 2 (1024x768, A5) with say, $100 knocked off to $399. This would help stave off some of the pressure created by low-end tablets (e.g. Kindle Fire). Surely the manufacturing costs of the iPad 2 are...
I suppose this is one advantage to shifting iPhone launches to October - Black Friday in the US and Christmas are within the first two months or so of the product's cycle. I have to wonder though: is this a permanent shift, or will we be back to July for the next iPhone?
I imagine that there are simply too many permutations of each product line to be physically held at each store. Holding every possible combination means wasted stock (the enemy of Tim Cook). It's more efficient to have only a few configurations of each thing and many units of that configuration. If people feel that they want to tweak it, it's quite simple to order on Apple.com. Especially if you're a techie who knows they want the 500 GB version with the extra stick of...
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