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There's a fine line between security and suffocation. Part of the Apple Store experience is to never feel rushed or hovered over. I went to the Apple Store a few days ago and spent 45 minutes playing on MacBook Airs, iPads, iPhones, and accessories. The specialists asked if I need help and left me alone when I said no. Simple as that
I have really high hopes for iOS 6, especially in regards to Siri+Maps. Im sure Siri will add all sorts of features and get even more accurate. All of those map-related purchases will probably pay off next year too. 3D maps, turn-by-turn, Schematics, etc. should really put iOS at the top of the heap when it comes to navigation. Add Siri integration and it will blow minds!
I'd like to see the rabbi's comments in their entirety to really understand what meant. Ideally the audio/video would help us get an idea of his tone as well. It seems like either oversimplification in his speech or misinterpretation on our behalf, not having been there. I seriously doubt that an iPhone and iPad user literally thinks that "Steve Jobs laid down the consumer culture". (Something that existed way before Apple). I assume he was just using Jobs as an example,...
1) I think he's right that we in the industrialized world need to learn gratefulness, mindfulness, and being satisfied. 2) Having said that, I don't see the logic behind singling out Apple. And he doesn't even know what the "i" stands for. A simple search on YouTube will bring you the 1998 keynote where Steve Jobs explained the naming scheme for the original iMac: internet, individual, instruct, inform, inspire. Of course, perhaps the Rabbi doesn't have a...
Do kids really get $500 gifts for Christmas? In this economy? Of course, this is their wishlist. But man, I remember feeling guilty when my parents would drop $100 for a Super Nintendo on me and my brother. Maybe I'm just a cheapskate
It doesn't seem like this implementation would fragment Thunderbolt. It would just be built into the pre-existing MagSafe receptacle. If you use it on an older computer, it would still transfer just power. I can see why the marketers called it Thunderbolt though!
I wouldn't be surprised if some people have two phones, and the study counted both.
The problem for other companies is that Apple spends years developing products. The iPad predates the iPhone (probably 2005ish), and then suddenly people tried to slap together a tablet and some software together in less than a year after they saw the iPad. Apple's been working with flash since the iPod Nano. They've been making unibody laptops since 2008. They also make the OS, so they can optimize the software to run on flash, small screens, improve battery life, etc....
Hmm. My auntie from HK is coming to visit this weekend. Maybe we can load up on iPhones and make a few bucks? PS - Is that macaroni with "luncheon meat" that the little girl is eating? Classic!
Only 6% huh... Oh wait that's like 90 million people.
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