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Hmm. My auntie from HK is coming to visit this weekend. Maybe we can load up on iPhones and make a few bucks? PS - Is that macaroni with "luncheon meat" that the little girl is eating? Classic!
Only 6% huh... Oh wait that's like 90 million people.
Maybe he can be on the next Apprentice. Seems like an Apprentice-esque thing to do...
Isn't that kind of like setting Alta Vista as your search engine?
1) iTunes is essentially a retailer, not a music label. It shouldn't have any more involvement with the artists beyond that expected of a record store or a Target. Talent scout? 2) iTunes, selling legitimate music, basically saved the music industry from piracy. It KEEPS people from stealing music, it doesn't encourage it. I think he has it backwards on this one. 3) Prices are determined by the market. Apparently, paying $23 for an 10-track CD was artificially high.
Just as my grandma says - money makes money.
I can only speak from my own experience but, as a former computer teacher and informal IT guy, the Mac's focus on making everyday tasks easier is a godsend to most people. What do most workers complain about? -I can't get on the Internet -I can't print -How do I send this file? -I don't remember where I saved it. -How can I get photos onto this? Meanwhile, the snooty IT guys roll their eyes. What we tech-enthusiasts take for granted are hard things for a lot of otherwise...
I've always thought that this was the next big input method after touch (rather, complimenting touch). Capacitive touch is intuitive, responsive, and fast. But it's not very precise, and there's limited opportunity for secondary input. For example, there's no varied input, like a pressure-sensitive touchscreen or the trigger on a game controller. There's no equivalent of a "Mouse over", to bring up help, explanations, etc. Apple's been pretty clever about stretching...
If someone could edit the commercial to go: 1) Photo of Einstein 2) Footage of Martin Luther King Jr. 3) Black and white photo of Steve's car parked across TWO handicapped spots. "Here's to the crazy ones".
Awesome news for Apple. Let's not forget that not long ago, the company was on the brink of bankruptcy. Even after Steve Jobs came back, it was just doing decently - improved Mac lineup, popular iPods. It was not until 2007 (iPhone) that Apple was doing great, and 2010 (iPad) that they went stratospheric. But that's great that 5, 10, 20 years from now, there will still be a solid Apple user base. After providing the company with innumerable boosters, Steve left the...
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