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Doesn't iOS Maps already do this? I've printed out my directions once or twice and they look exactly like this. Very nicely laid out and clean. I feel like this is one of those things when the patent is granted after the product comes out.
Coming soon to the iPod Classic apparently. In all seriousness though, this looks awesome and expensive. But with each great new technology comes a great $49 price tag...
Maybe some 360p YouTube. I $#!T you not though, the first week I had my Verizon IPhone 5, Netflix was loading in 720p with zero lag. Scrubbing the timeline gave instant thumbnails as fast as my finger could move/ My record so far is 45 Mbps. Could hardly be happier with the speed/service.
Samsung has a lot of experience in flexible OLEDs. Just buy it from them
At least at my local store, they have all these in spades. Next to the MBPs there are iPhones with linked iCloud accounts. Granted, a specialist would have to demo it for you or you'd have to stumble across it.Next to the AppleTv there is an iPad and TV where you can experience AirPlay.I think your description is a bit shallow. Most Apple Stores make an architectural statement where they are located. They also have business briefing rooms, customer training areas, repair...
Ken Segall is one of the most respected people in advertising and has helped Apple in the past (including its legendary Think Different campaign). His opinion is legitimate, even if you disagree with it.  The "S" designation was fine early on - but mainstream folks are privy to Apple rumors and upgrade cycles now. An "S" label pretty much means "There's a bigger upgrade coming next year; wait for that one". I'm curious what this year will bring though. Processors and...
I think Google Glass is pretty lame as it is currently. But I'll admit that there's a nugget of potential if things can get 10x cheaper and 10x smaller and 10x more functional - which actually does tend to happen in consumer electronics.    $1,500 to look like a cyborg and shout commands at your forehead is stupid. $150 for a pair of prescription/fashion glasses that are more or less indistinguishable from normal eyeglasses? Why not? See notifications, reminders,...
Maybe lag isn't the right word - but it certainly doesnt compare with Apple's other 2012 products. I would put its performance on par with the iPad 2.You can feel the difference in Maps, GarageBand, Safari (esp. multiple tabs). I love the Mini's form factor - just holding off til there's a Retina, A6 and 1 GB RAM.
Sad, defensive, reaching, dreck.
Jony Ive excels at sweating the details and essentially being sympathetic to the end user. What's the experience of using a product for the first time? How can you make things both simple and powerful? While Ive might not be able to write code, these are things that iOS desperately needs right now. Setting up, moving files, changing settings, moving between apps, etc are inelegant as is.
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