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That's a pretty immature attitude. Google/Android was very derivative in the early days but they've upped their game and have arguably surpassed the iOS UI in the past two years. What sucks about iOS specifically?-no file system. Androids can be used as external storage or access SD cards. iOS is stuck in an iPod syncing paradigm. It's so simple that it makes things more difficult.-no at a glance info. Everything requires opening an app, or is extremely limited info on the...
Apple is making a lot of money and released a ton of improved products between March and October 2012. But their execution isn't exactly sterling, and they haven't created big wave in a long time. I'm not a "sky is falling" type by any means - I realize that this is part of their normal product cycle (heck, 6 years between iPod and iPhone).  If we're honest, let's take a look at some less-than-perfect Apple news over the past year: -new Retail chief Josh Browett screwed...
This is why we need bear spray-armed guards at every elementary school and Apple Store. I would feel much safer if at least 1 or 2 unknown individuals at each school and store had bear spray on their person.   /s
Apple didn't like John Browett.    JCP isn't a good fit for Ron Johnson.   Apple needs a retail SVP.   Everybody swallow their pride and restore balance to the Force! 
I admittedly must be missing something. But shouldn't a doctor be able to diagnose a concussion without an iPad? Or maybe it will be used to transmit/receive brain images? Or link into the player's history of injury or other records? In other words, I wonder what the iPad brings to the table.
Additional $80 billion per year, so thats roughly $20 billion more revenue per quarter...$25 billion more profit each year.With the expanded product like and increased revenue, I predict the stock will dive to about $250.
I'd say that's how Apple would like to everyone (including themselves) to think how they operate. But there's no reason that "one form factor/iPhone per year" needs to be held up as Gospel. Multiple styles of Macs address different display size needs and entry prices (11 in - 27 in, 6 form factors, $999-$2,499). Same with iPods (5 form factors, $49-$299) and iPads (2/3 designs, $329-$499).Why not have a 4.5-inch iPhone alongside the 4-inch iPhone? Heck they could keep the...
I have an iPhone 5 and I think its 4-inch Retina is great. The problem with Apples strategy though is that they produce one phone a year and assume it will be great for everyone, which is not the case. I work with low-tech people all the time, and many older folks have trouble typing on a small screen, hitting the touch targets, and just can't see the text. Not to mention bigger screens can be great for web browsing, videos, etc.The line of reason, i supppose, is that...
This never made sense to me. As profits and revenue increase, and new products are rolled out, stock price dives. I think most new Apple followers don't realize that a gap of a few years is perfectly normal between flagship product releases. That its been 3 years since the iPad is in line with past Apple performance.
I predict that the "Math" moniker will lead to increased sales in the Asian market. :P
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