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Right? I half-expected the "dRoId!" noise at the end.
The one feature that I'm very curious about is the double resolution. I really wonder how that will be handled, how it will look, etc.
Haha I might put that thing under my TV as an ironic conversation piece.
3G speeds in my area (SF Bay Area) are excellent, when I have reception. YouTube videos load in maybe 5-10 seconds. But it is patchy in many areas such as my home (a suburb of Oakland with 80,000 people) and my grandma's house (SF, in a neighborhood by Golden Gate Park). I get dropped calls all the time.
I like how the iPod controls are near to the bottom of the screen. This is much closer to where my thumb naturally falls (at least after double-clicking the Home button). If all of the apps you're running are on the same page, this wouldn't really help much. But if not, the multi-tasking tray would save you from jumping from page to page.
Plus he takes little jabs at people who oppose him. That's another similarity.
When was this published? Given the pre-unibody photos, perhaps they just decided to scale back to an invisible sleep light.
I would LOVE to see a 10.7 preview, but I am not at all expecting it. Snow Leopard is a very mature OS that only came out 8 months ago.
As soon as I find my $3,000 Apple Store card, I'll get that 17" MBP-iPad combo.
I know a couple of friends who use first-gen iPhones. One got hers from her brother who upgraded to a 3GS. The other got it from a friend after it had been deactivated (he uses it as an iPod Touch). I'll be coming up on the 2-year upgrade cycle for my 3G this August - I hope something great comes out this summer!
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