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For all the hardcore techies (if you read an Apple rumor blog, this is you) who dismiss the iPad as useless or dumbed down, this should be a cue to who might be buying these things in the future. Have you ever heard Opera gush about her MacBook Pro and how its Core i7 processor has a Geekbench score of over 6,000? My mom watches Oprah, not Engadget.
Something similar happened to me. April 13: Ordered April 15: Shipped from Shanghai April 17: Received in Anchorage, Alaska NOTHING IN THE SIX DAYS SINCE THEN. Fed Ex called and told me they don't know where it is, and to contact Apple. I called Apple, and they said they need to wait 3 business days (until Tuesday April 27th) to see if it gets delivered. If not, they'll send me another one and investigate it. *Sigh* I realize that with the tens of millions of packages sent...
I love Apple, but nearly EVERYTHING they do is closed and proprietary. I guess it's OK if your closed system provides excellent quality (e.g. OS X & App Store) but if it produces processor hogs than too bad.
As soon as I get a $3000 gift card to the Apple store I'll get a 17" MBP and iPad
"first significant updates...in over a year"? wow i guess AI really expects this to be on par with the unibody introduction in october '08. otherwise the last minor changes were at wwdc last june (minor spec bumps, price drops, sd card), 10 months ago. I guess a whole change in processor generation would be good enough reason to add other features as well. I just hope they're not all too busy with iPad and iPhone OS 4
It was probably also for the benefit of Americans who don't know what a "torch" is...besides the thing you use to hunt down the Frankenstein monster.
I really disagree. Apple's industrial design is their most recognizable quality. From iMac to iPod to iPhone, Jonny Ive has his fingerprints on every product from the past dozen years (AKA Apple's resurgence). If anyone has secured his worth to Apple, it's Ive.
Apple doesn't even like removable batteries. I doubt they'll ever use the sun for anything.
It must drive Jobs crazy to not be in control of this situation. He doesn't strike me as the type to preserve old things. If it was up to him, I'm sure he'd discard the building like a floppy drive.
I would say that it's moved in both directions. Super-slick, graphic intensive apps (e.g. AAA video games) can require hundreds of people and millions of dollars. On the other hand, the App Store provides a somewhat more level playing field with regards to marketing and distribution. A developer could make an app, submit it to Apple and have millions of downloads. There is no need for marketing, a website, servers, etc.
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