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Apple doesn't even like removable batteries. I doubt they'll ever use the sun for anything.
It must drive Jobs crazy to not be in control of this situation. He doesn't strike me as the type to preserve old things. If it was up to him, I'm sure he'd discard the building like a floppy drive.
I would say that it's moved in both directions. Super-slick, graphic intensive apps (e.g. AAA video games) can require hundreds of people and millions of dollars. On the other hand, the App Store provides a somewhat more level playing field with regards to marketing and distribution. A developer could make an app, submit it to Apple and have millions of downloads. There is no need for marketing, a website, servers, etc.
I'm not a big fan of flash (I have to sign on with a Guest account to watch some websites! can someone help me?), but couldn't Virgin just check what browser the visitor is using? If it's a computer, use Flash. If it's a mobile device, don't use flash? I'm probably missing something.
My house could use one of these. My calls get dropped all the time. Reception fluctuates between 0/1 bar EDGE to 4 bars 3G I wonder though, do you need to register every phone that uses the microcell? The website says that you can let your friends use it, but do you have to log on to the website and register your friends' numbers to your account?
When MacBook Pros get new features, they eventually trickle down to the regular MacBooks. This increases the value/quality of the MacBooks but also makes the MacBook Pros seem less "worth it" in terms of cost. Since the last MacBook update added the LED display, built-in batteries and Multitouch trackpad, I wonder if Apple will add any new features to the Pros to help differentiate? Benefits of MacBook Pro vs. MacBook +Slightly faster processor speeds +Aluminum...
I live in the SF Bay Area, and I have noticed a bit of improvement. However, my calls are still routinely dropped in my own home (suburbs of Oakland/Hayward, no hills). My grandmother lives in a semi-dense neighborhood (Richmond District, SF) and I get 0-1 bar of EDGE when I visit her. Speed is not the issue, reception is. When I DO have reception, the download speeds are great. It's just that I don't have reliable reception, and my calls are still being dropped more...
Yes, as aggravated as I get at my reception sometimes, this is a nifty feature. A friend will call and ask for directions, which I then look up simultaneously on Google Maps. Or, I will be on hold and check my email. Wish my phone calls didn't drop so much though \
That would be something - buy Adobe and rename the company "HTML 5"
Apple probably has more manufacturing clout than any other tech company out there these days. If the manufacturers don't want to play by their customer's (Apple's) rules, they don't have to do business. However, Apple does need to follow up on their "treat all workers with respect" words. They did a great job improving their environmental impact over the past three or four years. Perhaps the next step is to publicly, transparently set standards for its manufacturers - then...
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