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LOL these Geekbench scores are TWICE those of my '06 Core Duo MacBook (2.0 GHz). This will be quite the upgrade for me: It's amazing how quickly tech improves.
Like most Mac fans, I enjoy a little bit of light-hearted teasing of Microsoft/PCs now and then. But sometimes Apple execs (Jobs, Serlet, even the teddy bear Phil Schiller) fall right into that stereotype of snooty self-seriousness. Both Ballmer and Gates, in general, are good sports and give credit to Apple for making good products. They are at times tasteless and obnoxious, but at the end of the day they act decently toward Apple. Apple never seems to say anything...
Hmm, how can we force a connection between this and the tablet?
Ooh! That sounds cool. Too bad everyone would be fighting over it! Although the sharing aspect of it seems somewhat contradictory to the "curl up with a book" interaction that we've been hearing about. How do you market a product as both intimate and public? Do I throw it in my bag, or leave it on the kitchen counter? I suppose I currently do both with the newspaper. And will Apple provide a satisfactory way of cleaning the device, given that so many people will use it in...
If had to bet money, I would bet on a re-branding the "iBook" name. Tablet = clunky, simply re-hashing the form factor. MacBook, not "iLaptop". Although "iPhone" is like that... Slate = too Flinstones. Sounds primitive rather than futuristic or elegant. Although there's always the "clean slate" allegory... iPad= gross. Even if it's juvenile, it's still gross. Sounds too much like "iPod". Australians will get so confused! iBook = familiar, simple, elegant. Book =...
My bet is that both the next-gen iPhone AND the tablet will run the same operating system, OS 4.0. Perhaps they will be slightly different (e.g. different resolutions), but more or less the same. iLife 2010 will run on both Mac OS X and the Tablet.
It used to take a day or two, but in the past year or two, it's been up afternoon time the same day
Yea, same here. I'm thinking of updating my first-gen MacBook to a 15" i5 MBP. But I'm gonna be pretty torn between that and the tablet. A MBP would be more practical, but a tablet would be so fun!
ANYWAYS GUYS, the tone of this thread has gone too juvenile/negative. But yes, I can easily imagine publishers thinking, "Oh God, we can't be the record company that refused to sell songs online...or the wireless carriers that didn't give the iPhone a chance..." The situations/industries may not be exactly the same but Apple probably has more leverage/credibility than any other tech company. Seeing as we haven't yet seen this mythical product, I'm still unsure whether it...
I wonder if Apple's first-party apps will get rejected from the App Store?
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