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Yea, I'm thinking of replacing my first-gen Core Duo MacBook (summer '06) within a few months. I guess this will be good timing for me, since I'd like to wait for a few more paychecks! If it comes out in November, I don't think I'd be able to resist!
"best windows version yet" is NOT a rave. I'm sure that the latest iRiver MP3 player is the best iRiver yet, but that doesn't mean it's a great product! Moss used phrases like: worthy...unexciting...also available on Mac...prettier but pretty much works the same as XP... I've used Vista, and those are pretty much the words I'D use to to describe it. Shiny, a bit better than XP, but not great. A hassle with all of the versions and upgrade requirements. Certainly not on par...
I bought my first-gen MacBook in Summer '06 and it's been a great computer. However it does suffer from the chipping palmrest, hairline fractures around the speakers, etc. I will probably replace it with a high-end 13" MacBook Pro - my girlfriend has one and I love its casing! It feels SO much stronger than mine...
YES! I just set up a Tivo for my parents, and it was such an ordeal. If something didn't work (Tivo couldn't download channel listings, couldn't control my cable box, etc.) I had to UNPLUG the thing and start over! I probably spent 4-5 hours over a week just setting it up. Not to mention that it's laggy (takes 4-5 seconds to switch channels), inelegant (the information display takes up about 40% of the TOP of the screen), and no longer has full "dual tuner" functionality...
Yea, knowing Apple, "September" probably means Friday, September 25th. But hey, I'd love to be wrong
By "changes laptop batteries", I think Booga's saying that people very rarely swap their batteries in everyday situaitons to get more life - say, on a train. People DO have to replace their batteries when their old one dies though. Usually this takes about a year and a half.
I helped my girlfriend by a 13" MBP on the first day they came out (WWDC). It is a GREAT computer - ESPECIALLY the battery. Even in real-world conditions, it routinely gets 4, 5, or 6 hours of use! She's a summer camp counselor, so she brings it charged up at the beginning of the day and lasts the whole camp day of being used on and off...To me, the battery is just brilliant. Having to use a screwdriver to replace it every 1,000 charges seems inconsequential - though I've...
Seriously - his house reminds me of the Tower of Terror ride at California Adventures. http://www.mouse-studios.com/WDS/ima...f-Terror02.jpg
Looks great. It looks very physically solid, and you can't go wrong with an OLED. I do hope that Apple introduces these into its products soon. UI seems very responsive and slick. Some Zune competition will be great for Apple/iPod. This makes me even more excited for WWDC
why is everyone PMSing today? usually the forums are much more civil than this... i wonder if Phil Schiller will say, "Oh and there's one more thing..." and unveil Steve Jobs +15 lbs?! And let HIM unveil the Netbook. Haha, OK I'm being silly.
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