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Seriously - his house reminds me of the Tower of Terror ride at California Adventures. http://www.mouse-studios.com/WDS/ima...f-Terror02.jpg
Looks great. It looks very physically solid, and you can't go wrong with an OLED. I do hope that Apple introduces these into its products soon. UI seems very responsive and slick. Some Zune competition will be great for Apple/iPod. This makes me even more excited for WWDC
why is everyone PMSing today? usually the forums are much more civil than this... i wonder if Phil Schiller will say, "Oh and there's one more thing..." and unveil Steve Jobs +15 lbs?! And let HIM unveil the Netbook. Haha, OK I'm being silly.
But, how will I know that, "Congratulations, I've won a free iPod Nano"?
I just wish that my 1st-gen MacBook didn't lose its bluetooth capability randomly for hours at a time...
Yea, maybe at your waistband, but not anywhere else. Obviously, one's arms and legs are always moving when running. At least an earphone remote always floats in front of your shoulder. You can grab it without interrupting your movement (except for one hand of course). Not that I really love this new design. 3/5 seems like a reasonable score. Maybe they should have kept the buttons, but made the remote headphones standard. Or, made two different versions available. I might...
i was hoping that, maybe under the new Spotlight homescreen, there would be a dedicated area to quickly fiddle with general settings. I always try to maximize battery life, and it would save me a lot of time if I could quickly set my Brightness, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth. I'm no coder, but it seems easy to just tack those on under the search field! I'm still also wishing that they can improve the at-a-glance screen. (Missed calls, text messages, etc.). Other than that,...
Yes! Twice in the past two nights, my MacBook has woken up by itself (and thus, waking ME up).
Am I the only one who thought it said "China Unicorn"?
My biggest gripe with Safari 4 is how one cannot determine which top sites are the top sites! (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Sure, you can move them, pin them, select grid size, etc. but what's the point if you can't SET THEM FOR YOURSELF? It's neat that it suggests sites to put on there, but they should also include the ability to choose my own. I found myself visiting a site over and over just so that Safari would suggest it in my Top Sites. I got the same...
New Posts  All Forums: