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Well, if the iPhone has your location from two moments (hence calculating a direction), it IS determining your velocity, right? People aren't upset just because they don't have a phone with true GPS - we've obviously lived without for many years. It's the fact that Apple, apparently, has ARTIFICIALLY hamstringed the iPhone so that it cannot fulfill its potential. It has a fully functioning GPS chip in it, but Apple's policy prevents devs from using it completely.
OK, maybe it's been too many years since I've done my junior high math - But isn't a 5,000 sq ft hot spot a circle with a radius of just 40 ft? (Smaller than even a 802.11g Wi-Fi hotspot) Please correct me if I'm wrong... I guess it's worth it if you just want to bring reception to your apartment or small business, and can position the cell in a central location...Hopefully there is no monthly charge
Obviously, people still read - that's not Jobs' point. Enough people buy books to fuel a market where people buy $5, $10, $20 books (more for textbooks, manuals, etc.). It's another thing to say that people will spend ___ hundred dollars on a READER device with no content of its own. I read all the time - news magazines, newspapers, Wired, a textbook or non-fictional piece here and there...I'm not really into novels. This device absolutely does not appeal to me. I'm...
is that Aluminum iMac running Tiger? \ EDIT: OK, I just looked it up - there WAS a two month-overlap (August '07-October '07) between the Al iMac and Tiger. But still!
Who in their right mind would quit Apple to work for Palm?! They must have been fired.
I have the white MacBook and I don't have a lot of experience with the Aluminum, so I'll take your word on that. But I can tell you, after about a year, my MacBook's plastic parts started chipping off. The infamous "splinters" coming off of the palm rest started to happen to me - this was probably the result of carrying it around in my backpack for so long. Still, when I replace my ol' Whitey, I'll splurge and get something with an aluminum casing.
"Microsoft, huh? So it's pretty easy to use!"
Sweet! This'll be just like the computer interface in Jurassic Park! oh wait... Seriously, though - if anyone can pare down interface ideas to what is elegant and useful, it's Apple. Like people have said, it's unlikely that these drawings represent OS 11 or whatever. Useful features will likely be plucked from this.
Can you please post any research that indicates that 3G is not twice as fast? My iPhone 3G is about twice as fast as it is on EDGE, depending on reception. It's slower in bad spots, and actually faster than 2x in some spots. Performance depends on your location, just like every other wireless technology from FM radio to Wi-Fi.And about the iPhone not having access to "the whole internet" or whatever - that's such rubbish. Of course it doesn't - it doesn't have FTP,...
that's true, but if you're browsing on your phone, you're not likely to hang out at Starbucks for a long time. If I'm gonna actually stick around, I'll bring my laptop. If I'm using my phone, I'm probably just looking up directions, news items, or something like that. It's quicker to just go through 3G and not go through this process.
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