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But the "integration" is only between iTunes and iPod/iPhone. So yes, the excellent software-hardware integration is what made Apple so successful. But those iTunes Store files cannot integrate with, say, a Zune. The goal of this collaboration is to make all digital purchases integrate-able with all hardware. If Apple's success is really due to its integration, it should have nothing to fear from removing DRM from its store. The truth is, those restrictions have helped...
PS - It's also great for quickly creating CDs of a certain genre/mood.
I personally like the Genius feature, at least for selecting songs (rather than the iTunes store). It's more guided than the shuffle function. If I'm in a certain mood, or I'm digging a particular song, it's really neat for the iPhone/iPod to be able to create an on-the-fly playlist of similar songs and artists. I've only had it on my iTunes for a day or two, and it's helped me rediscover a handful of songs I haven't listened to in quite some time It's especially helpful...
Maybe Snow Leopard will be small as s***, have a slide-out keyboard, and two separate batteries.
Great. The iPhone now costs me $200 LESS upfront. And only $240 dollars MORE over a 2-year contract! Sweet!
wow, that's an extremely speculative article title.
if it was JUST the name "airpod", or JUST the clickwheel-looking fan, i would say that this is bogus and that apple's just being stupid. i mean, apple didn't invent the word "pod." however, given the combination of the two, apple might have an argument \ for better or worse
Good for them - Microsoft's 2010 desktop UI will blow away Apple's 2007 mobile UI... *sarcastic applause* In 2007, Mac OS X Leopard will blow away Windows Mobile 2003!
also, "colleges" = "colleagues"? just trying to be helpful
I apologize if someone has already posted on this - I didn't feel like reading all 106 comments - but what does the phrase "Delivers on October 26th" mean? Does this mean that pre-orders will arrive at people's homes by the 26th? Ships by the 26th? Arrives in stores by the 26th? I hope it's not like the iPod Touch where Pre-orders arrive two weeks after the stores get it
New Posts  All Forums: