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Additional $80 billion per year, so thats roughly $20 billion more revenue per quarter...$25 billion more profit each year.With the expanded product like and increased revenue, I predict the stock will dive to about $250.
I'd say that's how Apple would like to everyone (including themselves) to think how they operate. But there's no reason that "one form factor/iPhone per year" needs to be held up as Gospel. Multiple styles of Macs address different display size needs and entry prices (11 in - 27 in, 6 form factors, $999-$2,499). Same with iPods (5 form factors, $49-$299) and iPads (2/3 designs, $329-$499).Why not have a 4.5-inch iPhone alongside the 4-inch iPhone? Heck they could keep the...
I have an iPhone 5 and I think its 4-inch Retina is great. The problem with Apples strategy though is that they produce one phone a year and assume it will be great for everyone, which is not the case. I work with low-tech people all the time, and many older folks have trouble typing on a small screen, hitting the touch targets, and just can't see the text. Not to mention bigger screens can be great for web browsing, videos, etc.The line of reason, i supppose, is that...
This never made sense to me. As profits and revenue increase, and new products are rolled out, stock price dives. I think most new Apple followers don't realize that a gap of a few years is perfectly normal between flagship product releases. That its been 3 years since the iPad is in line with past Apple performance.
I predict that the "Math" moniker will lead to increased sales in the Asian market. :P
  In my experience, the L-shaped connector held on too strongly. It kept things neat, but at certain angles it will not detach from the computer, but will drag it - defeating the main feature of the MagSafe. 
Then again, the attitude needed to bring a company from the brink of death is not the same attitude needed to keep the world's largest tech company innovative and fresh. Why not go outside the box? 4 percent time isn't such an enormous risk. The benefits could be great!
They're already made in Austin, Texas, and nobody seems to care or give them credit for it. Their products are already "Designed in California", and nobody cares about that either. :PAll people focus on is final assembly.
I'm not an expert in this field, but it's my understanding that the iPad 3 and iPhone 5 have this pretty much wrapped up. Most analyses I've read (and my personal experience) say that it offers an extremely accurate picture, with the full color gamut. They've also reduced reflectivity and improved outdoor viewing. 
  I know it's not much help, but it's somewhere in between. Kind of like getting the high-res version of the MacBook Pro, but not the Retina version. It does not exactly "pop" or look like a glowing printed image like an iPad 3 - but the obvious jaggies of the iPad 2 are not found either.  Personally, I will hold out for the Retina, since the UI elements and text are actually smaller than on the full-sized iPad. The form factor is perfect though - amazingly light and...
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