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wow, that's an extremely speculative article title.
if it was JUST the name "airpod", or JUST the clickwheel-looking fan, i would say that this is bogus and that apple's just being stupid. i mean, apple didn't invent the word "pod." however, given the combination of the two, apple might have an argument \ for better or worse
Good for them - Microsoft's 2010 desktop UI will blow away Apple's 2007 mobile UI... *sarcastic applause* In 2007, Mac OS X Leopard will blow away Windows Mobile 2003!
also, "colleges" = "colleagues"? just trying to be helpful
I apologize if someone has already posted on this - I didn't feel like reading all 106 comments - but what does the phrase "Delivers on October 26th" mean? Does this mean that pre-orders will arrive at people's homes by the 26th? Ships by the 26th? Arrives in stores by the 26th? I hope it's not like the iPod Touch where Pre-orders arrive two weeks after the stores get it
those shows are enjoyed in the context of fantasy/game. it's an entirely different thing in the corporate/political world, where things are taken much more seriously. cruelty to game show contestants has nothing to do with the attitude a company should take - especially a company with an "outsider" status. why should the little guy (i.e. mac, with its tiny japanese market share) belittle everyone else? although, with apple's emphasis on clean design, reliability and...
What's with the "not next friday" jabber? ..."I'm thinking of a friday after Friday the 12th and Friday the 19th, but still within October." they must really be cutting it close - possibly only two weeks 'til launch, and they don't have a date pinned down yet? i guess they enjoy the excitement of it all. either that, or there's a decent chance at a delay, but they don't want to announce it unless it's 100% certain.
yes, but will it come in brown?
my iBook won't run Liger?
so was the screen issue only with the 16 GB models? i was going to pick up an 8 GB model and then hesitated when i heard about the screen...if it's just the 16 gig ones, then i'll order my 8 GB soon!
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