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Guys, don't feed the troll.
I've experienced the "static" on both my keyboard and when expanding folders. Not a huge deal, but disconcerting the first time I saw it since I didn't know if something was wrong with the display itself.(Verizon iPhone 5, 32 GB, white)
Bingo. Some folks just don't understand what goes into a product's final assembly. They think, "Americans could put that together. I'd pay another $10 if it was made in the USA. Why don't they move the factory to America?". What they don't realize:   -the hundreds of parts that go into, say, an iPhone and its packaging are mostly produced in East Asia: other parts of China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam. Some from the US.    -Chinese cities and facilities...
Not a bad idea - at least those 400 cities or so might see some improvements. Couldn't hurt, at least. Maybe in the next iOS update, they can make it super easy for all users to improve the accuracy.
I'd have to see more samples to make a judgment, but it seems like a nonissue to me. I can see the headlines: "iPhone 5 Photos Contain Artifacts When Pointed Directly at Sun". SunGate!
1) He's the co-founder of Apple.   2) He's one of the few figures in the tech industry who is so honest and forthright. He loves Apple but isn't afraid to call them out. He's got the most street cred of anybody in the Valley with 30 years of goodwill and experience.   3) He's a technical genius and is usually very fair and balanced. For goodness sake, he carries around like 6 brands of phone with him at all times. That gives him a pretty good perspective.    I'd say his...
I like how the tables and benches look like Apple Store furniture :P
Meh. I enjoy Street View and use it a lot. Flyover doesn't seem to be a complete replacement, but it seems like it'll do if your city is covered. In the above examples, you can get a better idea of a building in downtown San Francisco than using Street View (here's one 50 foot stretch; here's another; here's another). On Flyover, you can get a view of the entire block and see how it connects to the neighboring streets and alleys in a fluid, fun way.   Again, not a...
  I'm a law-and-order guy myself (not talking about the TV show), but to have an officer's sidearm fired over a stolen phone (and ensuing school lockdown) is just a crazy escalation. I'm glad that they found these guys and might be able to find some leads through this. And I'm not second-guessing the officer either. But the situation seemed to have gotten out of control in a hurry.
  *oops I misread what you wrote. But leaving my post for anyone who didn't understand*   Ah, the unique language of the US. Some explanation for our A.I. buddies overseas :)   Since "active shooter" incidents have become more common (not one-off shootings, but an incident where a shooter continues to fire at people), many schools these days have "lockdown" procedures. A lockdown is basically where no one is allowed into our out of the campus. Classrooms lock their doors,...
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