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I disagree. The fake leather look is completely ornamental and non-functional. Even if Forstall stayed on, it would probably be replaced with some other thing texture-of-the-moment in 2-3 years, since it has no basis in function. I think it's completely at odds with Apple's philosophy and aesthetic. An "Intel Inside" sticker wouldn't hurt anybody either, but it would be a travesty on an Apple machine. Ditto ripped paper, glossy wood, etc. They're distracting to the eye and...
English has been an evolving language for hundreds of years. Look at a piece of literature from 1950 and compare it something from 1850 or 1750 or 1650. There is no "canonical" form of English that is set in stone. It is arguable that the greatest work in English literature, the King James Bible, doesn't sound anything like "proper" English. Spellings, phrases, and rules change pretty much every couple of generations. Deal with it! 
It's debatable whether or not Apple should have apologized. But if that's the decision that was come to, Forstall's refusal to accept it may have been the last straw in a series of culture clashes and not falling in line. Even if you disagree with a decision, it's pretty bad if you stubbornly refuse and make your boss shoulder it.    That and iOS is pretty tacky sometimes. Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean pretty much outclass it, which is sad. 
While Forstall deserves credit for doing amazing things for iOS early on, I think iOS has stagnated quite a bit in recent years. The look is sometimes gaudy and cartoonish. Everything is siloed and excessively app-centric. The lock screen, homescreen, etc. are stuck in 2007. Simple things like moving files are forced into a tedious iTunes syncing process. Not that it all falls on Forstall personally.I don't know Ive's experience in UIs per se, but I trust his taste and...
  The cheapest MacBook Pro is still customizable, except for the battery. The RAM and HDD are easily replaceable.    If this is your goal, simply don't purchase the Retina model.
Guys, don't feed the troll.
I've experienced the "static" on both my keyboard and when expanding folders. Not a huge deal, but disconcerting the first time I saw it since I didn't know if something was wrong with the display itself.(Verizon iPhone 5, 32 GB, white)
Bingo. Some folks just don't understand what goes into a product's final assembly. They think, "Americans could put that together. I'd pay another $10 if it was made in the USA. Why don't they move the factory to America?". What they don't realize:   -the hundreds of parts that go into, say, an iPhone and its packaging are mostly produced in East Asia: other parts of China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam. Some from the US.    -Chinese cities and facilities...
Not a bad idea - at least those 400 cities or so might see some improvements. Couldn't hurt, at least. Maybe in the next iOS update, they can make it super easy for all users to improve the accuracy.
I'd have to see more samples to make a judgment, but it seems like a nonissue to me. I can see the headlines: "iPhone 5 Photos Contain Artifacts When Pointed Directly at Sun". SunGate!
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