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I've got to agree . . . I work in a school district that is all pc. I use my personal macbook at work, but the tech department wants nothing to do with Macs. If I have any tech issues they just blow me off. I hope some day apple will gain enough market share that they will be supported in more environments.
+1 This is just unbelievable that they can get away with this . . . pay for x amount of data and how I access it shouldn't cost me additional fees . . . I f I buy a gallon of gas I can use it in my car, in my lawn mower, trimmer or whatever . . . OH, you want to put the gas in your atv, sorry, that will be an additional $20. Can I say I hate cell providers!!!
Rot'n Apple . . . really . . . really . . . I'm not thinking people come to this site to listen to political rants from any biased point of view. I'm sure there are examples of people of all political affiliations that can be chastised, but I don't come here to read about it. Keep this kind of commentary out of here!
If you want an interesting read with a scary perspective . . . Published in the Capital Times of Madison WI http://host.madison.com/ct/news/opin...9cd620002.html
I bought a g4 ibook for my wife about 1 1/2 years ago . . . I made the mistake of not buying the extended warranty thinking my wife is very careful with her computer and would not likely need the extra coverage. Now the computer is dead. I took it into compusa and they confirmed the logic board was the culprit. So . . . is it possible the overheating of the battery could have damaged other components of the computer and caused the failure??? Yes, her laptop has one of...
I ordered a low - end macbook for my wife . . . I placed the order around Sept. 9 and was given a Sept. 13 ship date . . . on the 11th we received an email extending the ship time to Sept. 22
My g3 500mhz ibook screen died . . . if I look very carefully in the right lighting, I can see a faint image of bright objects on the screen . . . looking on the net, I think the inverter is dead. If this is the case, do you think it is worth the cost to fix or should I sell it off for parts. (by the way, I have no idea how much it will cost to fix if this is really the problem). When using a vga adaptor and connecting to a projector I can view the display and have...
I've just purchased a g3 ibook and I'm looking to buy a wireless router (I've already purchased the airport care) . . . any advice as to which brand etc. would be best choice . . . or will any fill the bill . . . get as cheap as possible??? Thanks in advance.
I recently bought a used g3 ibook from a friend but it doesn't have an airport card. I don't have any problem finding them . . . but I think they are outragously priced. What I'm looking for is some ideas on where I might find a new or used 802.11b airport card at a reasonable price. Thanks in advance!
I'm purchasing a used g3 500mhz ibook . . . I'm looking for the most economical way of setting up a wireless network. I have a cable internet connection with cable modem. I also have two g4 imacs that are networked (wired)through a linksys router. The ibook does not have an airport card. The ibook will be used for word processing, email and surfing the net. What's your suggestion for the best solution to wirelessly network with the internet connection and the...
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