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Seconded: I think it would be appropriate for irnchriz to cool his heels for a week or so -- mods?Kindle is an exciting technology, in my opinion. The real killer app (if it can be called an app) would be college textbooks. It would also be useful to be able to take notes "in the margins." If Amazon manages these two things, there will be no more campus bookstores at any universities (and good riddance!).The grey scale display is not an important detail. Colour will...
Just to confirm that I understand correctly: the images are based on the number of pixels? It would certainly be nice if one could get a display with a higher pixel density in a 15" or 13" Macbook (or Pro).
I think that having a pass-through so one could charge the external while plugged in would be a good idea. I wonder if the amount of power delivered would need to be higher in this case (charging the external and internal batteries, while also powering the notebook).
If Apple can pull a similar trick on the Macbook -- getting the battery-life to 8 hours -- by making the battery a fixed internal, I'm all for it. I've twice replaced my battery on my notebook, which was obviously easy, but I've also replaced the fan and the hinge. Operating on a notebook once per year is not a big deal. For those who want second (third?) batteries, external batteries will work just as well as swapping a removable internal battery. While this does...
This is definitely the way to go. The only possible complaint is that an external battery might sometimes be in the way when in a tight place. But I doubt that's any real issue.
Are you really going to use a 17" laptop in coach? I have a hard enough time with a 14"!
You can't even take water on a plane, do you think they'll let you take a screwdriver?
2.3 million pixels of perfection, according to Apple's website.
No; and now we know why Jobs skipped the keynote...
Aren't Apple's current batteries rated for 300 to 400 charge cycles, and claim only 5 hours per charge? 400*5/24 = 83 days This is a quarter the battery life of the new ones. And I would guess that most people use notebooks plugged in to the wall 90% of the time -- though this is likely only true because the battery life of notebooks is not long enough for a full day's work.
New Posts  All Forums: