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Link Oh, my... who wants to take bets that this is the end of the Zune?
Why not have the second section at a different time of the day? This way students can choose the time that best suits them. I didn't begin paying attention to who was teaching my classes until I was taking third-year courses. But then there weren't websites where you could go to get other students' opinions on professors. As to moving students after they've been placed in a class, that's probably not a good idea. What might work best would be to have a Section 0...
If it bothers you, you should definitely send it in. Losing your computer for 10 days is worth relieving the itch in the back of your head that your brand-new computer has a defect. You'll miss your computer, I'm sure, but I predict that you'll survive just fine without it.
That's great! I actually did figure this out (quite accidentally) a few months ago. It still seems quite strange to me that podcasts are sorted in reverse order when they play in their correct order when you press play at the podcast "level." It's a very un-Applish solution, IMO. Thanks.
On the "Advanced" tab of preferences, change the default location for media files to the new drive, choose "copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library," but de-select "keep iTunes music folder orgranised." This ought to do what you want supposing that iTunes can currently locate all of your music on the old drive.
When Mozilla adds CD ripping, I'll have to give this a try. Who doesn't love Mozilla? And, hopefully, Songbird won't be as "sluggish" as iTunes is on the PC (which is the only thing about iTunes that I don't like).
And that's supposed to be my problem? Sure my teaching evaluations may suffer a bit, but...
Speaking of the proper use of language at college, the worst is receiving emails from students. I swear that most of them only know how to write txt msgs. ~shudder~ And, no, sequitur, there is no way in hell that I'll speak to them in their "own vernacular!"
Music can be copied onto the iPod in one direction only. There are tools to do the reverse if you insist on doing so (use google to find these if you want them). Let me take the time to mention that the spellings of the products that you list are "iPod Touch" (not "Itouch" or even "iTouch" -- if you must, "Touch" is an acceptable short-hand), "iTunes" (not "Itunes"), and "iMac" (again, not "Imac"). In all of Apple's "i" products, the "i" is lower-case and it is the...
I'm sure that I'm not the only one, but I can't understand what you're trying to do. If you want to delete certain episodes of a podcast, just select the ones that you want to delete and press the 'delete' key on your keyboard. Oh, perhaps are you in the default 'view' (grid) in iTunes 8? Change the view to 'list' if this is the case and you will have greater control over your library. Then again, even within grid view you can simply double-click on a podcast and you...
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