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I can't speak for the new iPods, but I have a 3Gen iPod Nano whose (apparent) capacity is 8GB. The problem that you have to keep in mind is that this means that the iPod has 8,000,000,000 bytes of data storage, yet when the computer adds up the amount of storage it counts in units of 1024 bytes (2^10 bytes) rather than in units of 1000 bytes. This means that when I plug it into the computer, it ought to read 8,000,000,000/(1024^3)= 7.45 GB This is the way that ALL...
Oh, I understand the concept. It's just not worth $30 per month in addition to the $65 per month I pay for my phone or the $40 per month that I pay for internet. I would use it if it was free or I would pay for it if I didn't also have to pay for internet access at home.
Oh, poor telecoms: should I weep for you? I must say, I have yet to be convinced that I need the internet with me at all times. I'd rather have a new Macbook than a new iPhone. Good for Apple on both fronts, however...
The time has just reverted back to the correct time. I bet the same thing happens next year, and that this is a bug in the code dealing with the end of DST. I'm certainly glad that this has "sorted" itself out.
Yes: annoying. Maybe you should make a poll for this topic. It's like people saying that they're switching to the MAC. ~grating teeth~
I just synched my iPod (3Gen Nano) for the first time since DST ended, and now the time is 8 hours ahead of what it ought to be (which means that it's displaying GMT +0000 rather than GMT –0800, which is the correct time here in Vancouver). If I eject the iPod, then check the time zone in the iPod's settings it claims that GMT –0800 is an hour ahead of what it ought to be. That is, it would have been the correct time before the clock changed on Sunday morning, but no...
The Dell Latitude E Series claims upto 19 hours of battery life. This is with the primary 9-cell battery and a secondary 6-cell "slice" battery on the 15.4 inch notebook. Does that count as "comparable?" I would guess that you'd find a similar configuration with a Lenovo.
Your friend is ranting, but some of what he says is partially true. iTunes is definitely a system hog in Windows. Most people won't notice if they have 1GB of RAM, but it has larger a RAM footprint than I think is necessary. It also has problems playing video. When I download movie trailers from the iTS, I can't play them in iTunes, but must, instead use Quicktime. If this seems insane, it really is! And for the same reason, I can't rent videos from the iTS (the DRM...
If you think that the Sony at $999 is worth more than the MB at $1099, then buy the Sony and be happy with your purchase. Though, I doubt that you really believe this is the case as you frequent an Apple forum. This means that the MB at $1099 is a better deal than the Sony at $999, regardless of the specs of the two computers.
I tend to like the fatty, myself. But, then, I bought one, so this is probably my mind justifying my purchase. I do love the fatty, though.Gotta be green. The orange would be a good second.
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