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Did we need this metaphor?
People tend not to pay for data -- fine: $700 more over the course of the two year contract.Well, you agree with my point anyway...
Maybe people really are as stupid as Wu believes:
The macro economy is hard right now so people are going to prefer to save $30 up-front but spend $1000 - $2000 more over the course of a 24-month contract? What a tool!
Nobody cares about having radio on their iPod. If they did, the iPod would have been marginalised years ago.
Yes: and it's still a stupid idea.
Completely agree. It is conceivable that this function could be set so that you don't kick it into shuffle by accident while exercising (high threshold), but what's the point? If you want to shuffle songs, you need only press the center button three times and scroll. There is no ambiguity in that motion. Shake-to-shuffle sounds interesting, but it doesn't make life easier.
The semi-penultimate, of course. This sub-thread is getting out-of-hand...Edit: penultimate according to the dictionary. meh.
There are no hard numbers for next quarter. First thing I thought when I saw the headline was, 'AAPL will be at $70 by Christmas.' I suspect that investors in AAPL are a little over-enthusiastic at the moment. It really wouldn't take much for the air to come out -- one disappointing product announcement would easily get people thinking that Apple's magic has worn off a bit.
Yes, and his shit smells like roses, too.
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