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Ah, well, if patterns teach [...] anything it's that patterns are repeated. [AT&T's] oppressions, by and large, are no worse than any of the others... -The Stolen Journals
If I remember correctly, you must buy the Mac and iPod at the same time to qualify for the "free iPod" offer. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
My prediction: if the Touch enters the $200 price slot it will be a Touch Nano that will replace the current Nano altogether. How is it that Munster doesn't understand that the Touch is not a competitor of the iPhone and so doesn't need to compete with it on retail price? Does he think that people don't understand the concept of a contract and how much they end up paying over its lifetime? Does he really have that low an opinion of the average consumer?
You can do so with the 1Gen Shuffle, so I imagine that the same can be done with the 2Gen. Plug it in and find out -- I doubt that the kid will notice that the box has been opened.
I replaced my Mini's battery at the beginning of the year. The new battery was lasting about 20% longer than the original battery when it was new. However, the iPod was buggy after the surgery (random shut-downs) to the point of being unusable after a while, so I replaced it with a new Nano. In my case, it wasn't worth the $30 for the battery, and the drive is now used for backup of my online music purchases.
This is unlikely to be possible. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see Apple allowing a client other than iTunes to interface with their store. Not only are the DRM issues to worry about, but there is the whole problem with payment (is Apple really going to trust a third-party to access your credit card on your behalf?).
As far as "getting rid" of radio stations, you can just drag the ones you want into a playlist -- probably the easiest way to do what you want.
Can you explain their current line-up in any other way? For instance, if Apple wanted buyers of Minis to also purchase a display, why would their cheapest display be the same price as the Mini? I don't think it's a stretch to assume what Apple believes about its customers based upon the products that they choose to sell (and choose not to sell). And, yes, they are quite wrong -- not everyone fits into the precise segment to which each of Apple's products are aimed. But...
How does this relate to what I wrote?
Apple thinks that people who buy Mac Pros need professional graphics quality; that people who buy Mac Minis already have displays; and that PC users should buy iMacs. The people who use an extra monitor for their notebooks are a small segment of the consumer base (as are people who set up multiple displays on an iMac). This is not to say that I don't wish that Apple would make more affordable monitors for consumers (as many wish that Apple made an xMac), but Apple seems to...
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