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The MBA looks significantly different than the MBP. Its heritage is obvious, but it is quite different.I would suspect that for a majority of users, a computer must satisfy the minimum requirements for usability (in most cases, this means that it can browse the internet, store photos, and run a word processor), and then people will buy based on looks and price. A case re-design is far more useful to most people who could care less whether Apple replaces FW400 with FW800.
And I think this would be a good idea, but I don't think that's what Galley and shanmugam are insinuating.
You shouldn't forget that Apple wants "most people" to buy iMacs, and so they ought to have no reason to purchase an external display.
The Macbook is plastic for one. Refreshing the design excites buyers. There is no other reason required than that.
As with Galley, I suspect you don't understand why people buy Nanos -- for many (majority?) it's not the price.
Are people who bought the current Nano going to be happy with the Touch, which is larger in every possible metric? If I wanted a Touch, I would have bought one. I prefer the current Nano at $199 to even a free Touch because the size is my majority concern. I am not the only one. I'm not certain that a shuffle with a small screen would be adequate to replace the current Nano either. What is particularly compelling about the current Nano is that it rides the features...
The shuffle is likely to be unchanged this September. Sure 4GB would be doable at the same price-point as the 2GB holds right now, but why? Unless the shuffle is re-designed to have a small screen, there is not much point in having so much space for music that you can't browse. Or is Apple going to begin pushing a lossless format instead of 256 Kbps AAC?Increased capacity on the Nano makes sense, but I can't shake the feeling that the Nano will be replaced with a touch...
Oh wouldn't it be great if this were possible here in Canada (or, even in the US for that matter). Competitive markets are great.
They just want to plaster their opinion in as many places as possible...linky (scroll down to the comments section)----------I wonder, what were the sales like for the iPhone 3G in Canada? For all the whining, people still pay the high prices because (at the end of the day) the plan is worth more to them than the price they pay -- so really, the prices in Canada are more than fair to anyone willing to pay.
No contest: Sonnet PodFreq. It actually doesn't suck. The external antenna helps with transmission and works really well. It's, perhaps, not the most aesthetically pleasing transmitter, but it is the best one that I've seen.
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