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That's great news, now is there anything good to watch on ABC?
I hope the rainbow returns.
Apple should crank it up to 11
Possible things Apple might be working on: 3D printer, Hardware devices for Music, A desk sized iPad with pressure sensitivity (you notice I didn't say Coffee Table sized), VR goggles, Apple TV with DVR and game controllers, Apple Kitchen & Home appliances, Light Bulbs, Professional Video editing equipment, Smart Shoes, and finally I can't forget about the electric car!
Samsung's only recourse is to make an even bigger phone, and that would be ridiculous.
I wonder what advantages liquid metal has in 3D printing? The Apple i3D printer?
Let's look at Balmer's failures and apply them to the Clippers...   Remove the start menu = erase all the lines on the court   Color the Zune in crap brown and puke green = Change the Clippers colors to crap brown and puke green   The Surface is and upside-down laptop = turn the hoop 180° so you have to shoot the ball upwards though it   Clippy the annoying help assistant = Clippy the annoying mascot   Fundmental change the whole user-interface = replace the...
New Posts  All Forums: