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When will this be available on iTunes?
It’s a great day today, I feel like there’s nothing else to fight for, it’s a good feeling I didn’t expect would come so soon, and for those of you who picked hate over love, eat it. ‪#‎LoveWins‬
How's being gay political? Are you being political because you were born straight? The straight store is huge and the gay store is so small in comparison, I wouldn't pay no mind to it.
 The FCP X roll-out was a success? Aperture wasn't killed off by Apple? Is this Randy's handy work, forcing an early retirement or was he micro-managed into releasing a product that wasn't ready?
The FCP X flubbed roll-out and halting Apertures development were major disasters. The question is... was Randy to blame for this or did he retire because it was out of his control?
You say that now, but what happens when an ultra conservative president gets elected and starts overstepping his bounds with the FCC. What ever the government does can go both ways, politically speaking.
What's to stop the FCC from banning certain types of data?
Our willingness to give up freedom of speech is alarming.
The governments anti-freedom tactics can only lead to one thing. A new internet separate from the current one, causing the death of the old internet as we know it.
New Posts  All Forums: