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I can't believe it, the laptop commercial shows the nVidia graphics chip in the keyboard half, then it detaches the screen, separating the graphics chip from the screen! You can only get full graphic capabilities when the two halves are together, thereby loosing the thin and lightness of the screen clipboard in tablet mode. Has Microsoft gone crazy? Wouldn't you want both the CPU and GPU together inside the screen half?
It's pretty obvious what they tried to do.
Kudos to Apple for legitimizing the Surface, now these clunky devices from Microsoft will never go away. Only in America, where you can buy a pencil for $100!
I'm an artist and use a non-Apple stylus, not everyone is an artist, and I can still use my fingers if I loose my stylus. What is especially exciting is using multiple fingers at the same time, each with pressure control, which is coming soon from Apple. Microsoft is pitching the surface as a business tool, I don't think they have artists in mind. Cursive writing is dead.
 A Stylus is impractical and the worst entry interface ever invented, easy to loose, that’s probably how MS is making profit by replacing lost pens. Why use a stick when using your fingers is good enough? Microsoft is too lazy to do the Surface interface correctly, that's why it needs a stylus, so you can click on those tiny buttons that was designed to use with a mouse. Apple is about ease of interface and the human connection to hardware, touching your device is as human...
When will this be available on iTunes?
It’s a great day today, I feel like there’s nothing else to fight for, it’s a good feeling I didn’t expect would come so soon, and for those of you who picked hate over love, eat it. ‪#‎LoveWins‬
How's being gay political? Are you being political because you were born straight? The straight store is huge and the gay store is so small in comparison, I wouldn't pay no mind to it.
 The FCP X roll-out was a success? Aperture wasn't killed off by Apple? Is this Randy's handy work, forcing an early retirement or was he micro-managed into releasing a product that wasn't ready?
New Posts  All Forums: