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I see a snowman... and he's melting.
My only concern is if Zuck get's bored with it and let's it die on the vine.
Can't wait for this, bring it on Apple          
This invention would bring artist's the ability to add expressiveness in a easy and intuitive way. Music: You can add a vibrato and brighten a note simply applying more pressure to the surface. Art: Applying more pressure widens your stroke or darkens the color. Games: You can gage the player's determination by how hard the button is pressed, or how soft/hard you can strike a golfball. Word Processing: heavy typing bolds or caps your text. Science: Change a variable...
Windows 8.1 Pro + Windows Office Pro = $600 Mavericks + iWorks = Free Which bundle actually works and is more productive? Apple 
As a seasoned mac fan-boy I expect these improvements in the newer models, but did you notice the reaction from people new to Apple products? They're going crazy over them, it's like they just can't believe what they're seeing, I'm just too jaded I guess.   There must be a big difference between the upgrades they're used to seeing from MS or google than from Apple.
Oh My!       just looking for hidden visual clues
You know Steve Balmer?
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