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Apple should crank it up to 11
Possible things Apple might be working on: 3D printer, Hardware devices for Music, A desk sized iPad with pressure sensitivity (you notice I didn't say Coffee Table sized), VR goggles, Apple TV with DVR and game controllers, Apple Kitchen & Home appliances, Light Bulbs, Professional Video editing equipment, Smart Shoes, and finally I can't forget about the electric car!
Samsung's only recourse is to make an even bigger phone, and that would be ridiculous.
I wonder what advantages liquid metal has in 3D printing? The Apple i3D printer?
Let's look at Balmer's failures and apply them to the Clippers...   Remove the start menu = erase all the lines on the court   Color the Zune in crap brown and puke green = Change the Clippers colors to crap brown and puke green   The Surface is and upside-down laptop = turn the hoop 180° so you have to shoot the ball upwards though it   Clippy the annoying help assistant = Clippy the annoying mascot   Fundmental change the whole user-interface = replace the...
Apple doesn't need to listen to industry analysts, who reported kids think Apple lost the cool factor, which caused Apple to buy the needless Beats purchase. Remember when these same analysts said that Apple needs to make a cheap iPhone!
I see a snowman... and he's melting.
My only concern is if Zuck get's bored with it and let's it die on the vine.
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