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As a seasoned mac fan-boy I expect these improvements in the newer models, but did you notice the reaction from people new to Apple products? They're going crazy over them, it's like they just can't believe what they're seeing, I'm just too jaded I guess.   There must be a big difference between the upgrades they're used to seeing from MS or google than from Apple.
Oh My!       just looking for hidden visual clues
You know Steve Balmer?
I was waiting or this, Apple finally figured out how to do velocity right. It's amazing how the sensors work together to determine velocity (especially polyphonically) when your really just tapping on glass. There is another parameter that this article overlooks, "pressure sensitivity" determines how much pressure your finger is pressing down, velocity determines how hard you strike. Pressure comes in to play after you strike, allowing you to control a swell or vibrato in...
Sony = Great Hardware + Bad Software Apple = Good Hardware + Great Software   This is why Apple is successful, making the complex simple. not dumbing it down and removing features, it's about making options accessible without a steep learning curve. Apple helps creativity flow without a puzzle-like interface getting in the way.
What a difference a few inches makes.      
This from the company who gave us a brown Zune?  
Nice and shiny!
Just add it to the pile of failures  
Ballmer said he could retire in 2018 after his youngest kid started college, and won't allow his children to use google or Apple products... poor kids. I can't understand how a father wouldn't want the best for his children. Imagine his kid going to college with a Surface, he'd be the laughing-stock on campus.
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