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I don't get it, Why would anyone want this foreskin folio thingy. Why?  
It should be an apple tree. No? You know, the kind Newton was sitting under.
  Is bigger better?
Here comes a 20" wave that could turn into a tidal wave for Apple.    
Another failure in the making     I knew I'd seen this before.
Sinofsky's end could be tied to the fact Windows 8 is not doing well, without a start menu it's difficult for MS users to begin they're work. They way Microsoft operates, I'm sure some scapegoat was sacrificed for Vista's failure as well.
Another on bites the dust.
The surface is one of these...     Soon to be added to this pile of failures... The headline to this story has to compare Surface to an iPad 2 to make it look good! What about the currant generation iPad 4? By the time Surface Pro comes out, there will be an iPad 5 that will trump it.
Add another failure to the pile...  
It's great that Apple is going after the Kindle sized tablets, but they may be going in the wrong direction.     It's very possible Microsoft could beat Apple to the punch, and make the iPad look like a dinosaur. Don't believe me? Take a look at this.       Windows NT mobile apps can run on Window 8 desktop computers, which have 27" touch screens. Many Apps from the iPad are being ported to Windows NT, MorphWiz (a popular App for Musicians) is an App...
New Posts  All Forums: