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The technology will improve to the point they will look like normal glasses, the cost will go down and most people who enjoy to wear glasses will buy them. With everyone wearing them everywhere you go, privacy issues will disappear, since the offended will be recording as well and those who still complain will never go out in public. Eventually you won't need to wear anything as they will become implants and the NSA will know your every move!
Apple chooses LOVE over Hate.
California is the problem, most states see California as a bunch of liberal hippies. Change the tagline to "Designed in America" which is more inclusive anyway and you've got a winner.
  Ads like this might save Microsoft.
  It would make finger print verification purchases a breeze.
True that, I've got the Zune, smart watch, Nook and webTV to prove it.
Here's the missing comparison graphic        
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