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Sorry No Rockettes, but I do have the "Putting on the Ritz" version  
Where's Monkey Boy?  
You can see it was thrown together at the last minute, It seems like a last ditch effort to save his job.
  I'm sure there's a job out there he can excel at.
Some iPad users are waiting for a ultra-fast iPad that can run power hungry apps like Logic or Photoshop.   MS should've made their tablet with a laptop Intel Quad-core chip and beat Apple to the punch. MS should've never started with a alternate Risc version, they could've offered the complete Windows 8 Desktop experience, with real usb, and memory card slots.   May Balmer never retire!
I'll stick with the original vision, thank you.  
I heard a rumor that Toys-R-Us is making it.  
What's up with the bright primary colors?
New Posts  All Forums: