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This less animated version shows more details.  
I'm not sure what huddler is, but if it's the forum engine, it seems to take gifs just fine.
I'm excited!  
  It's a neat trick to hide the copy machine tactics of MS into a "pre" & "post" PC debate, when it should be about "pre" & "post" iPad.
Jobs would've never let this happen...
Following Apple's lead, Microsoft has finally realized that a perfect fusion on hardware and software can only be accomplished with one company. Making blue screens of death and crashes a thing of the past.  
    I couldn't resist.
Sorry No Rockettes, but I do have the "Putting on the Ritz" version  
Where's Monkey Boy?  
You can see it was thrown together at the last minute, It seems like a last ditch effort to save his job.
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