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Watch? Did someone say watch? Here's some quick mock ups.! Finally the Apple watch I've been waiting for all these years. That's me in the last photo!
$5 times a million people = lower energy waste, still nothing compared to what congress spends in a day.
What happened to the middle finger gesture that's used when dealing with ATT?
First to market a popular device wins in the memory of the consumer's history. Apple First's First Color PC (Apple II $1,200) 1977 First PC with consumer Disk Drive 1978 Apple First Spreadsheet (killer app) Visicalc 1979 Apple First PC with 3.5 inch disks 1983 Apple First consumer GUI 1984 Apple First PC with Mouse 1984 Apple First PC with drawing pad 1984 Apple First Consumer hard drive 10 megs 1984 Apple First PC with Microsoft Word 1984 Apple First Laser Printer...
Apple gets nothing but hurt for creating the highest ppi for mobile devises, so what happens when Microsoft creates a bogus display technology? They get showered with awards! ClearType was created through an extremely complex and scientific procedure. Over the course of two years, Microsoft researchers studied typography and the psychology of reading in order to create ClearType.
Balmer heading the entertainment division? This is delightful news, now Balmer can make his tasteless harebrained schemes a reality! GAMES DIVISION TO-DO LIST Game mash-up Nascar vs. Professional Wrestling. A wii-mote like device embedded in your bellybutton called project navel. A Halo gun controller that doubles as a super-soaker so you can really squirt your friends. A CEO simulator in which you control a multi-billion dollar company through incompetence. MOBILE...
What if Adobe rewrote Flash to use hardware acceleration, doubled the battery life and added touch support. Would Apple approve of Flash then?
Protecting us from harm while insuring our freedom is serious business. It's wonderful that the military is choosing Apple, because when your in extremely dangerous situations you want something that's incredibly reliable.
So if Flash is overly dependand on CPU resouces and the code is bloated, can't Adobe rewrite Flash to be leaner and use less of the CPU. That's what Adobe is doing as we speak, Right? No? Why not? Would cost too much?
New Posts  All Forums: