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I already do that: leaving my 17" MBP at home more often, when I used to lug it around all the time. With free Teamviewer I can remotely operate my MBP and iMac back home from any iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, or Blackberry. Or even from any other Mac, PC, or Linux machine.OR I can remotely take over and operate someone else's Mac, PC, or Linux machine (with their permission) to e.g. perform software installs and uninstalls, or really just anything, on that...
Vista springs to mind... :-)
All these Flash-less iPads (and iPhones) will severely impact Flash-dependent websites' views statistics. That will dent ad revenue. Google/Youtube e.a. won't like that.
Sorry, you think wrong.
Ask the horse's mouth: Apple tech?
Because an MBA is almost twice the weight and twice the price of an iPad2? With only a marginally larger screen, and a marginally faster CPU?Of course an MBA is a 'real' general purpose computer (albeit an underpowered one), on which you can run all software (including Flash!), slowly, while an iPad is of course not a 'real' computer, and consequently very limited in the general purpose software it can run (e.g. Flash!).You already have a solid general purpose laptop, your...
If that's the best Adobe can do it's a sad state of affairs.
That happened to me a couple times under Tiger. Never happened under Leopard or Snow Leopard. Try Repairing Permissions (in Disk Utility), and do that every few weeks.
Unless I've misinterpreted the OP that is precisely what doesn't work for him, Skil...
Absolutely! In fact, if you're not a developer you don't want an unfinished OS on your machine. Unless you're a masochist of course.I'm gonna get Lion too, but not before OSX.7.2*. If others want to enjoy bugs, corrupt bits, and endless restarts that's that's their business, but I – as a simple (albeit heavy) user – want a smoothly running OS without headaches and other nuisances.*I waited until OSX.2.2 before I installed Jaguar, until OSX3.2 before I installed Panther,...
New Posts  All Forums: