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Never mind. Found it. But NOT in the preferences!
I even put my glasses on for a change. Still no 'Manage Search Engines'. Would you care to post a screenshot?
At the bottom of what list? I don't see a 'Manage Search Engines' item in the Preferences of 3.6.15...
It's now seriously looking like your HD has crashed. I'd take it in to Apple Tech.
Not so much apps as files. Of the types generally associated with Office, DUH! Office word processing files, Office database files, and Office spreadsheet files, which, as it so happens, are about the most numerous on earth. Because Micro$haft.
How clean is that keyboard...? And I mean UNDER the keys.
Sure: 1) it is useless ballast, using your storage, occupying space you could use for other stuff, and needing to be backed up all the time. For what? And 2) it can interfere with the operation of your Mac because other applications make calls on Office apps because they think Office is still on your HD. They're "seeing" Office files on your Mac, which is correct, because they are indeed still there. Only: it is an incomplete set of Office files (you trashed one, didn't...
It can't "see" OSX, on your HD, which it obviously needs to start up. This may indicate that your HD has crashed. Have you tried starting up from the install DVD? If that doesn't work either it could be that the I/O on the motherboard, which is shared between the HD and the superdrive, and is the gateway for data to the CPU, is knackered... (while the HD may still be OK). You didn't mention trying to restore a backup. Is that because you don't have one?
The psychological prob with users of a brand is that they find it almost impossible to admit their brand's downsides. Which is why rarely anybody here 'confesses' to using or liking another brand.The App Store is Apple's latest 'development' that makes me definitely not rule out Linux for a next machine: the App Store requires you to register your credit card details to even download FREE applications! That's absurd! Even if I've used, and enjoyed, dozens of Macs over the...
In December Google announced that Gingerbread (Android 2.3) would be pushed to Google Nexus One and Nexus S phones "in the coming weeks". That's 10 weeks ago, and I still haven't got it on my Nexus One! Where is it? Although I have been a MacHead since '85 I chose Android instead of iPhone because I don't like Apple's lock-in/lock-out strategy one bit, and love Android's openness, versatility and pliability. And at the going rate Android IS the market leader!
New Posts  All Forums: