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Adobe has apparently released 'Wallaby', which reportedly converts Flash to HTML5. That should make life easier on iPhones and iPads. From what I gather from the article it would also improve Safari's handling of Flash (by converting to HTML5). I have, however, not been able to confirm where or how to download and install Wallaby... Can you see it in the App Store?
You don't?When installed, Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 e.g. consists of well over 5,000 files, scattered invisibly across your HD. If you trash the application by dragging its icon from the Applications folder to the Trash, you trash only that one file! You don't trash the other 5,000 orphaned files that reside elsewhere on your HD! And which unnecessarily occupy over 900MB of HD space. And interfere with the proper operation of your system and other software.AppCleaner...
Well, apparently not. So it looks like Firefox sold out to Micro$oft.
Can't find a way in Firefox 3.6.15 to change the preset search engine – in the top right of the browser window – from Bing to Google Search, or Yahoo Search (let alone to my fav: ixquick). In Safari's Preferences you can at least choose either Google, Yahoo, or Bing. But not in Firefox 3.6.15, as far as I can see. Or am I missing something?
Try again:
Yes. YW.
Try an internet speedometer, bro!
Yes, there could have been a chance they pulled a fast one on me when I had the crashed HD replaced under Apple Care, because I never checked the 'old' HD's specs, TBH. According to MacTracker this model MBP was shipped with either a 320GB/5400RPM or 320GB/7200RPM eSATA. I don't know which I had. The current one is a 5400RPM sATA 'TOSHIBA MK3255GSXF'. Loading times of large graphics files and videos do seem more sluggish than before. But that might also be because the...
xil3 addresses a serious point: it is too easy to get banned, without appeal, and without the banners (those that do the banning) being held accountable. And you may not like it, but that, my friends, is textbook fascism.
When I do that I get a black screen with a lot of fast flowing/scolling text (Unix?), which, after a few seconds disappears whence to the normal startup sequence (asking for password, etc.) resumes/continues. So I don't have enough time to read/study that text. Is there a way to log that for later reference?
New Posts  All Forums: