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Cheers, Marvin! The startup chime already came back the first time I booted in Safe Mode. But startup still takes an awful long time. Zapping the PRAM didn't change/improve that, unfortunately. But sofar I'm glad, because I was already beginning to think my brandnew internal HD was slowly crashing on me (again!). Thanks again.
Patient: 17" 2009 MBP, OSX.6.6, 4GB RAM, had its second internal HD (320GB) transplant 7 weeks ago under Apple Care (so is now on its third HD). Functioned as advertised. Current symptoms: first sign was a consistent horizontal screen flickering. Force Quit and Relaunch of the Finder seemed to cure that. But since then no BOING chime at startup. Startup takes twice as long as usual. Once up and running, normal operations seem sluggish, though no frequent spinning beach...
That puts it on a slippery slope right there! Because who is going to be the judge of what bounds/standards/morals have or are been/being overstepped? Appointed by whom? Regularly reviewed? By whom? Held accountable for his/her decisions? What are the possibilities of appeal to an independent party and peer review? Etc. etc. Failure to properly, systematically, and adequately address those concerns and others more often than not results in unchecked radicalisation,...
You're easily impressed.
I've never tried if a disk image of an install DVD would work. Does anybody know?
Of course it is. What else are lawyers for than to complicate matters?
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-12310070 Double standards, anybody?
Interesting. And where can you download it?
That's not a solution for Joe Blow, Jane Doe, and Auntie Meredith, though.Worse: I don't trust it anymore after it inexplicably and unrecoverably crashed my tens of thousands of photos a few years ago. The entire iPhoto file system was corrupted. I was shocked. Luckily my strict backup regimen saved 95% of them. It still cost me 8 weeks to manually clean up the mess. I've used the simplest of Finder folder/file systems for my photo storage since and rarely if ever use...
So if I get this straight: you received apparent, but invisible image files, or links, (sounds like an HTML document with embedded images and links) from what is ultimately an unknown source and they behave weirdly? Man, I wouldn't touch those with a 10 foot pole! Trash that mail, good, and run some checks for malware. Just to be sure. It's porn, right? So if you're really hard-up ( ) to see them no matter what, here's what I would try: quit the Mail application,...
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