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No. Watch his keynotes. He's got astigmatic myopia. Not presbyopia. See how he needs to lift his glasses, go closer, and squint to see fine details on the screen. I think I even remember him speaking about it in an interview, years ago.And he is, what, 56? Fits the bill.Anyway, his eyes are the least of his worries now.
Is there an Android emulator that runs on MacOSX? Would be neat to try out apps before installing them on a phone.
What format(s) were those pictures?
A month ago I had an HD crash and it was replaced under Apple Care. Lo and behold the new HD had Snow Leopard pre-installed on it! Free of charge. Free of mentioning, even. It was simply there. The Apple Care warranty on that MBP is good for another 2 years. HDs don't usually last that long in my experience of the last decade. So I'm actually expecting to get Lion pre-installed on my next HD... Free of charge again, of course.
So either that Playboy subscription service is not Flash-based, or the iPad2(iOS5?), in that case apparently to be launched in March, will be Flash-compatible so that Apple's stance on what they consider smut will have become moot?
The iPad Will Get Playboy In March Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has confirmed that — despite Steve Jobs' protestations that Apple is pure and Android is for porn — an app for browsing uncensored back issues of Playboy is to launch later this year on the iPad. The news, which is likely to generate significantly more buzz for Apple's popular tablet as a publishing device than Rupert Murdoch's delayed digital newspaper, The Daily, comes courtesy of Hefner's Twitter stream, in...
Tried Photoshop boards?
What do you want to do about it?Send in the Marines?Send the aircraft carriers?
Expect an RIAA subpoena...
Maybe it's something very lo-tech: maybe it's a loose contact in the juice train?
New Posts  All Forums: