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Worked like a charm. Cheers, mate!
I used ffmpeg for years to convert videos from one format to another. But the application doesn't seem to work anymore now. Maybe since I upgraded to Snow Leopard (recently). I've got version 0.0.9x. On their site it says 0.0.9y is the current version and download. But when you download it you still get 0.0.9x... Anybody have any other suggestions, on- or offline, how to convert a 600MB .mpg video to an MP4 video?
In this thread you have that distinction, sir.
So format 'm any way you like:
Yep, you're a hardcore disciple.Apple's technology is supreme and people, users, 'biologically challenged' or not, should adapt to it, rather than the other way around. Because Apple's technology is divinely perfect of course.People are a nuisance. "They shouldn't be holding it that way", after all.The funny, and at the same time sad thing is: you'll grow older too Let's see how happy you'll be with Apple's consideration with the 'biologically challenged' when you're one...
Whichever way your cookie crumbles, you've laid out perfectly why, when it's time to get new gear, a Mac would be your best choice, as you can run Windows on it as well as OSX in case you need or prefer to. The best of both worlds, on one machine.That's not a viable option on a Windows machine. In fact I remember a benchmark test in PC World and ComputerWorld that crowned the MacBook Pro as "the fastest Windows running laptop on the market"...
I'm sure it will, Hiro. So I'm not really concerned with Apple's welfare here, but rather with the users'.That sounds remarkably like Steve Job's response, in earnest, when the iPhone 4's reception troubles surfaced: "They shouldn't be holding it that way"...
Not exactly:Can't you include a script that does that, Paul?
Excuse me?If you hit Command-plus a couple times, or Command-minus – like right now! – you'll see that the screenfont sizes increase or decrease without pixelation! That is resolution independent, sir! It works in just about every browser, with every decently built website. It even works in Java and Flash.Even the screenfont sizes in iTunes – Apple's big moneymaker browser – can be tweaked a tad, however awkwardly.Not so the App Store's screenfonts afaik. Apple's...
Like I said: use FreeDMG to make an encrypted disk image on the USB key. If you make that disk image the size of the USB key's capacity, filling it to the max, then you've defacto got a password protected USB key, but once you're in, the individual files on it are not (necessarily) individually password protected or compressed. Unmount the USB key and everything is behind that password again.
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