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The App Store's fontsize is too small for people with reading glasses to read comfortably, and it's not adjustable either! People over 40 will consider using the App Store a PITA.
I always get goose bumps when someone describes what they've done themselves as an "awsome achievement".
That is obviously not a priority for Apple.
You are judging a six year old machine! See if you would be equally (un)happy with a six year old XP machine... Sorry, but imo you're comparing apples & pears, RSteve.
How do you figure they never will? Steve is already hobnobbing with Oprah.
Next best thing: use FreeDMG to make an encrypted disk image on the USB key.Why don't you "want to compress the files and encrypt them"?
Ixquick – Ixquick does NOT record your IP address!
I had the same when I ran Leopard. It was even more frequent in Safari than in Firefox. I installed ClickToFlash for Safari, which prevents Flash from loading on webpages unless you specifically allow it by clicking on it. It doesn't actually solve the crashes and irregularities, but it does make them occur much less frequent, because Flash elements don't load and run automatically anymore, ergo much less frequent to cause problems as well.I click on average on less than 1...
One of the fastest ways too.Especially if you consider that at least hundreds of cities, all around the globe, wasted that kind of money. That's BILLIONS literally blown away within a half hour.Millions of hungry people could have been fed for years with that money. Now they die. Because we wanted to see pretty fireworks!
And how about this: a hundred times faster!I want it! I want it! I want it!I want it in my 4 times foldable 20" 2mm thick iPad with 16GB of RAM and 16TB of storage!And I want it NOW, of course!
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