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A conveniently uncheckable opinion because you cut it.Normal people would have added their comment that they considered it "ridiculous and totally irrelevant to the thread", and motivated it. Or whatever their opinion was. But nooo, you had to crack the whip and cut what you didn't like!
The HD in my MBP crashed too, last week. It ran under OSX.5.8. Got it replaced under Apple Care. Restored my Time Machine backup to it. Ran Software Update. And then the new HD turned out to have Snow Leopard installed on it! Which I did not order, or pay for... So now I have a brandnew, fully restored HD, running under OSX.6.5! (Mind you: this is the third HD in this early 2009 MBP! Thank God for Time Machine). I'm not complaining. But why? Why, if this is an Apple...
You could do that from work, or from wherever you are, and not have to wait until you get home, with a certain, FREE, but not to be named* remote desktop management application. *because considered spam by Marvin. But I'll tell you if you PM me.
They were part of the solution of the OP's problem, but Marvin cut them and issued me an infraction because he considers them spam. So be careful what you say. Marvin may not like it.
Not surprising: I worked in advertising and copywriting for 20 years.This time I don't get paid, though...Don't tell me you only believe texts if they look like they were penned by a second grader. That would be a sad commentary on the state of 21st century society.
Your description of that spinning wheel conjures up an image of the spinning wheel on the grey background that you get when you start up, just before the full color login screen. That would suggest there is an issue with the HD. Did you run SMART reporter in Disk Utilities yet? Repaired permissions? If I were you my very first order of business at this point would be to ensure I have a good backup data set!
The MBA is the more portable of the two. It is literally a lightweight laptop computer. The MBP has a much more potent CPU/GPU.For image and video editing you need very capable processing power if you don't want to wait before the machine is finished everytime, as well as adequate storage. The MBA does not provide either. The MBP does.So if this machine is your only one, get the MBP.If you also have a capable desktop machine at home, a PC or (i)Mac, you can get an MBA,...
With FREE Teamviewer you can remotely take over and operate the desktop of other Macs, PCs, or Linux machines as if you were sitting in front of them. Ideal if someone needs your help with their computer. You can see what's wrong or happening on their machine, while they can see what you're doing on it. With FREE Teamviewer you can also stream your videos, slideshows, or presentations to the desktop/screen of another Mac, PC, or Linux machine. And, finally, with FREE...
Burnt DVDs and CDs are only a TEMPORARY solution! They become unreadable about 5 years after burning. So if you have important data stored on CD or DVD burn it to new disks every 3 years!
The HD of my (early 2009) MBP crashed. So I took it to Apple's tech dept and the HD was exchanged for a new one. To restore it I started the MBP (with the new, totally empty HD) up from a Leopard/OSX.5 installation DVD. It asked me if I would want to restore from an external Time Machine HD. I did, and it got going restoring the internal HD from the external Time Machine backup HD. That was finished in one-and-a-half hours, and my MBP restarted, checked for Software...
New Posts  All Forums: