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Not really. Why specifically PDFs, and not files from other apps?
FreeMacWare was a nice source of interesting small apps for general users. Until it was taken over by its current operator, last year. Since then it has never had useful little apps for general users on offer anymore. Only stuff for programmers and other hardcore software nerds. Anyone know of another URL that has FREE useful little OSX apps on offer?
Because how could we ever forget for instance this epic performance...? Scary what Windows can do to a full-grown man, isn't it?
Wow, indeed!So you got the "EXACT SAME ONE", bruce? An "MBP"? "The one with the 512 MB video card and the 3.06 GHz processor and 500 GB hard drive @ 7200 rpm upgrades!"?Interesting! I'd like to see one. And I'm sure Steve Jobs and many MacHeads here would too. So how about posting a pic of your "MBP with the 512 MB video card and the 3.06 GHz processor and 500 GB hard drive @ 7200 rpm upgrades!" and a screenshot (Command - 4) of the "About this Mac" window (directly under...
Can't you cut your own grass?Can't you order your own Mac?That answers my second question...:FYI, you ain't got a MacBook Pro comin', K515, you got an iMac comin'...!It looks like you still have quite some homework to do to learn WTF you'll be working with.Care to share with us what "7200 rpm upgrades!" is supposed to mean?Getting a new Mac is an excuse to go gorge yourself?You've got funny 'priorities' and reflexes.Better spend that dough on a reinforced computer chair...
Not even close! If that was the object of the exercise then Micro$haft failed miserably. Again! I've trialed Win7 for a month on an MBP, and it sucks! Big time! Its major claim to fame is the state-of-the-art in OS security management, yet it allowed a W32 trojan to install itself without a peep, within a week of installing Win7. And the UI is just as un-intuitive, and actually infantile, as it has been in the past 25 years.Afaic Win7 has already bombed massively before...
Uh-uh! I can record your conversation from 500 yards with a D-I-Y parabolic microphone. Lipreaders can do it through binoculars... If you want verbal communication: whispering in the ear under the shower is probably a better m.o.
Here's a 'nice' example – and 'breaking news'! – of how the US administration abides by the law: NOT! NY Times today: Cheney Is Linked to Concealment of C.I.A. Project. Administrations are fundamentally untrustworthy. The US' previous one even plain trecherous (remember the 'WMDs'?). And the jury is still out on Obama, but I'm not holding my breath, seeing as he was one of those who signed and promoted FISA into 'law'.
Huh? My Tiger had exactly the same 'Software Update' mechanism as Leopard does. What kind of Tiger/OSX.4 are you running?
Or read Nineteen-Eighty-Four. And it's not even a secret. It's been put down quite overtly in the law: FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), which religious right wing senator Obama signed and supported! And don't let the name fool you: every contact of every American citizen with foreigners – in any way! (like THIS one!) – invokes the act. Every time an American citizen crosses a border invokes the act. Every American citizen living abroad invokes the...
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