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Go to Yahoo.com, press the Mail button, fill out your username and password, hit Enter, and BINGO!
So you believe those acronyms abide by the law? And you believe what they say? And you believe they won't snoop/eavesdrop if/when/where they're not supposed to? And you believe they don't abuse their powers?Haven't you learned anything from history?Hey, I've got a beautiful seaside property for you! And because it's you I'll halve the price!
That's interesting, as OSX is currently at v. 10.5.7, afaik. Did I miss an announcement? Then my 'Software Update' did too...No.Are you still on a PowerPC Mac?Good plan. Let's hope Steve Jobs abides by your timetable, right?
Safari 4 promised a good leap forward when it was presented. But in my daily practice on my MBP it froze a couple times a day, taking my whole MBP down with it, and required a hard restart. Very uncharacteristic for a major Apple app. In fact unacceptable. And too much of a hassle for me, so I went back to using Firefox. This last Safari 4 update seems to have cured that 'freezing' bug, though (it was a Java prob, afaik). I've been using Safari 4 ever since, and enjoyed...
Can you guys lay-off the stupid God references? Better pray that He has nothing to do with your MBP or He'll føck that up too.
Every MBP now ships with 4GB standard. I've got one. Haven't touched its RAM limits yet, with 7 major apps and 10 to 20 minor ones running at the same time. I'm a medium heavy user.Haven't done that since the mid-nineties!See if you can create a 'RAMdisk'. A few GB of HD space that OSX' memory management is tricked into thinking that it is more RAM so it overflows excess data into it.Of course it isn't real RAM so it'll be very slow. But it is enough RAM! So that your apps...
First of all: you now don't have a reliable backup! And OSX' libraries may be jumbled too. So: 1) shut off the power of the corrupted HD and disconnect it. 2) restart your Mac, 3) run Disk Utility. Select your internal HD in the left column and then the Repair Permissions button; that may take a good while. When it's done 4) restart your Mac, That should have cleaned up and untangled OSX. Now, before anything else: backup your data! Preferably on another, fit,...
4GB RAM is already overkill for 99% of users, nicoli. You'll never need more unless you run a high-volume business in photography or video, or an audio recording studio. Do you?
You can probably have MobileMe reroute INcoming emails to your mail account at your existing ISP. For OUTgoing mail you will then have a choice between your mail account at your existing ISP and MobileMe.
Besides: OSX runs very nicely on NetBooks, thank you!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ui26Ggca4yMWhere a NetBook/OSX combo falls short – besides the obvious stuff like HD space, RAM, and processor – is with graphical image (photo and video) and audio applications (and of course gaming). Managing and editing your photo and video collection on a NetBook is not really a viable option. Not even with OSX.
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